A Proud Fan

Here in Michigan, we really haven’t had much to cheer about when it comes to professional football. The Detroit Lions have been the butt of many jokes. Late night hosts had a field day (pun intended) when they went 0-16 in 2008. Even Jeopardy poked fun at them once:

For years Facebook posts about their games included the tag “Same Old Lions.” It actually looked like that was the way it might be again. In October, the team’s record sat at 1-6. People were starting to bash Coach Dan Campbell because this start was actually worse than his predecessor (Matt Patricia).

WDIV Local 4’s website states:

The subsequent turnaround was stunning, culminating in Sunday night’s 20-16 takedown of the Packers on national TV and on a freezing night at Lambeau Field. The Lions won eight of their final 10 games to finish 9-8, and even though Seattle’s win over the Rams had eliminated their remaining playoff hopes, the Lions played with impressive energy and confidence.

The win doused the Packers’ playoff bid, one that the experts had all but conceded to Aaron Rodgers’ team. Campbell was asked on the field at halftime why his team seemed so passionately motivated. He barked, “We don’t want them to go.”

The Lions have gone 65 years without a championship and 31 years without a play off win. We really haven’t had a lot to cheer about – until now.

How does Dan Campbell feel about the phrase “same old Lions?” He was very clear:

“I don’t want to hear that anymore, ‘the same old Lions,'” Campbell said. “That’s what all of this is about. There are so many things, but it all comes with winning. Yeah. I wanted to be a part of building a brand new brand. I like that. I also know. You want to do that, man, you really got to get in the dance. You’ve got to get in the tournament. You’ve got to make some waves in the tournament. That’s the next step.”

Win or lose, I’ve always worn my Lions gear. I’ve always rooted for the home team in good seasons and in bad. I’m proud of the team and what t hey accomplished this year. How about a few stats –

Goff was impressive!!

VERY impressive!

Unheard of in past years!

Rookie Sacks!

This is HUGE!!! Barry Sanders was amazing and he even sent out a personal video to Jamaal after he broke his record!

“Hey Jamaal, Barry Sanders here. And I just wanted to congratulate you on an awesome year, and for breaking my record, which was the most rushing touchdowns by a Detroit Lion in a single season. Awesome job, man. You’ve been a big part of the success this year, and I know you’re just getting started. Great job.”

It’s neat to watch the coach’s post game talks. The one Sunday night after eliminating the Packers may just have give us a new “tag”:


I am very excited to see what the team does next year and beyond! WDIV said on their website:

For the first time since 1957, it feels like the future truly is now, and dreaming about a Lions championship is no longer a shared Detroit delusion.

I truly hope so!

Thank you to the Detroit Lions for giving me and all the fans something to cheer about!!

6 thoughts on “A Proud Fan

  1. Seattle did that to my team too (Toronto, in baseball)! I don’t follow football really so I didn’t know Lions had such a bad streak, but good on them for turning the season around & let’s hope they carry the momentum into next year for you guys.
    Think it’ll be a long summer for the Tigers , but at least they’ve had some great teams in your lifetime.

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    1. We’re lucky to have had the Red Wings and Pistons who gave us some great seasons for sure! My dad and grandpa always talked about the great 68 Tigers and I was lucky enough to be around for the Roar of 84. The Tigers have been “rebuilding” for some time. we had some high points, 2006 was a nice surprise, Miggy’s Triple Crown, too, but other than that….. Not much.

      It’s nice to see some great moments with the Lions! It’s been a long time!

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