BuzzzzzzzKKKK! Whoops!

Britta, a blogger friend of mine, just blogged that her mom used to cut her hair as a kid. You can read her blog here:

She mentioned the dreaded “Bowl Cut.” When I think of that, my mind immediately goes to Moe from the Three Stooges. Really, he is the only one I think it looks good on! LOL

She went on to ask if anyone has ever had a “home haircut mishap.” Well, it just so happens that I have!

I remember my dad used to have a pair of electric hair clippers. I’m not sure that he always cut our hair, but there were certainly a few times that he did. One time in particular, I remember I was getting my hair cut and my brother was doing something to annoy me. I kept moving around in the chair and wouldn’t sit still. My dad was getting more and more angry every time I moved. He kept telling me to stop moving my head.

What happened next I don’t recall exactly, but I moved my head backward as my dad was getting ready to cut and the guard came off the clippers. I distinctly remember the clippers running right against my scalp. They mowed a HUGE path in the middle of my head! I am sure that my dad said some choice swear words and wondered just how he was going to fix it!

I remember crying when it happened and both my brother and I got yelled at. Rightfully so!

My cousin’s dad was a barber. If memory serves me correctly, he ended up coming over to my grandma’s house with his clippers and bag of barber equipment in hopes of making me look normal. The only choice he had, was to give me the haircut of another Stooge – Curly Howard!

I was the butt of many jokes when I went back to school. It took weeks for my hair to grow back! So I gained a life lesson – sit still while getting a haircut!

19 thoughts on “BuzzzzzzzKKKK! Whoops!

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Keith. And yes, it probably helps to sit still, while getting a hair cut! Bowl or no bowl. I think quite a few of us remember awful and awkward hair cut moments. Hey ho, at least it’s the sort of mistake we grow out of. Eventually… 🤓

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  2. yes, hair as a kid was pretty up and down. my mom would always try to ‘trim’ up our hair right before school pics, and I somehow always ended up with extreme short bangs )

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  3. I remember the bowl…I had those quite a few times. One time mom cut my ear by mistake…that was it…I put my foot down…off to a shop I went…where she got her hair cut.

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      1. I didn’t have a whole lot of hair when BoRics, Fantastic Sam’s and Great Clips showed up. I used to hate paying 12 bucks for them to run a pair of clippers over my head….so I started cutting it myself

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  4. As an almost 64 year old with a mohawk, I have nothing too add!! 😀 😀

    (Rather spookily, we have an article on girls’ hairstyles through the ’70s going up on our blog this weekend – Sunday probably. 😉

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