Now I Never Have to Go There

In a recent conversation with my brother, I was informed that Starbucks does not have their Egg Nog Latte on the holiday menu this year. This was a major disappointment. In all honesty, it was the ONLY reason I ever ventured out to Starbucks voluntarily. I suppose in the fall, I might go there for a Pumpkin Spice Latte’, but I can get those at other places. The only place I could get the Egg Nog Latte’ was Starbucks.

In doing a quick search of the Internet, it seems they pulled it off them menu at some point last year. When they announced their holiday items this year, the Egg Nog Latte’ was absent. The articles I found were about how angry customers were that it was not on the menu.

I guess there are plenty of people making a big stink about it on the various social media sites. There are sites and campaigns calling for the return of the beloved drink, but I highly doubt it will return. It’s kind of like when a radio station fires a favorite personality – no matter how many people call, picket the station, or say they are boycotting the station – they aren’t coming back.

Good riddance, I say. I hated paying so much cash for the delicious drink anyway. I have always felt that Starbucks was overpriced and that their coffee tastes “burnt.” I would probably be able to do a quick Google search for an “Egg Nog Latte'” recipe online and it would be cheaper to make at home. As a matter of fact, I think that is what I will do.

Please don’t tell me that McDonald’s got rid of Egg Nog Shakes. I would really be upset about that ….

14 thoughts on “Now I Never Have to Go There

  1. not an egg nog fan, but I understand when favorite products suddenly disappear. I was like that with the Mexican pizza at Taco Bell. due to a fan uproar, it has returned. there is hope for you-

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  2. Maybe they’ll be like McDonalds with the McRib, and bring it back now and again ‘for a limited time only’. I’m with you (and Deke) on Starbucks…. as a big coffee drinker, I’d say their ordinary coffee isn’t all that good and is overpriced. Plus, to me, it’s served too hot, though I guess that’s a plus for those wanting to sit and sip it slowly over an hour or so. McDonalds does indeed make a pretty good coffee at a decent price. That said, I think everyone else in my family here LOVES Starbucks and the fancy seasonal latcinno type things with lots of flavors and names.

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    1. Working midnights, the company provides coffee for us . It is a step above Starbucks, which isn’t saying much. Many of us take turns bringing in coffee every week. There is one guy who always brings ground Starbucks coffee. I hate it. I would rather drink the crap work provides – with a ton of creamer or sugar! LOL

      McDonald’s does make good coffee. I used to buy it in the bag for home. The price went up now, so I usually buy bulk Tim Hortons from Sam’s Club now.


  3. After being an expat in Italy for three years, I’m shocked to say it but not once have I been homesick enough to venture into Starbucks over here 😂. We’ll see if a smell of a pumpkin spice drink wafting by ever tempts me.

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      1. I would imagine VERY different for sure!

        My grandparents were from Cinici (sp?) Sicily. I have cousins who still live there. Would love to visit there one day. Hoping to make it happen within the next few years.


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