Holiday Thought –

Going through some folders today and came across an old “Show Prep” folder. It was full of stuff I used for the radio show when I was on the air. The headline read: “During the Holidays, You’ll Need a Break From Your Family After Just 4 Hours!”

The story went on to talk about how it takes about that long for family to get on your nerves: lack of privacy and family drama are to blame. On the bright side, 95% of the people in the survey agree that spending time with family during the holidays is important.

Our family has been through a lot this year. Here is something to think about as we get closer to the holidays….

When you are at that point where you “need a break” or that family member is “annoying you” or someone is telling the same story again – remember this: This may be the last holiday you have with them.

The holidays are generally a happy time for many of us. However, it can also be a very difficult time as we remember those family members who are no longer here to celebrate with us. What I wouldn’t give to have my mom or my grandparents here for one more holiday! I know my wife and her family will be thinking of Grace this holiday season. I have so many friends and relatives who have lost someone close to them in the past year. So let me offer up this:

Cherish every moment with those you love. Engage in conversations. Embrace the annoyances. Listen to that story one more time. Instead of running away from those moments and regretting it later, LIVE it and remember it for when those people are no longer here with us.

4 thoughts on “Holiday Thought –

  1. Christmas always meant everything to me because my parents were divorced when I was young and Christmas Eve and Day were the only days of the year we would all be together under the same roof.

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