It Shouldn’t Be So Difficult

It’s a pigtail for crying out loud!!

It wasn’t long after Ella’s hair started to grow that Sam put her in what I call “the Pebbles pigtail.” Remember Pebbles Flintstone? She had that one pigtail on the top of her head (held in place by a bone).


Ella looks especially cute in this pigtail – when mommy does her hair! I attempted this around the same time, but felt like her hair wasn’t long enough for me to get it right. Needless to say, that first attempt was a complete disaster.

Fast forward to this morning. Ella’s hair is so long now. How could I possible mess it up, right? I mean, there’s a lot of hair, and all I have to do is wrap it in this little rubber band! Me, feeling like Super Dad, decided that I was going to put her hair in a pigtail. I had the whole thing played out in my mind:

  • Ella sits still and allows me to put in the perfect pigtail
  • Sam wakes up for work and sees this perfect pigtail
  • Sam gives kudos to her amazing husband

That’s how it should have all played out, but it didn’t. First of all, Ella was not about to sit still. Second, getting the hair through that rubber band is not as easy as I thought. Third, I could only get it to wrap around about three times.

This was the result of my first attempt today:

What in God’s name is that?! I am cracking up at it just looking at it. The rubber band is all twisted in there. It’s not even a pigtail! It’s more of a knot!

Ella did not find it humorous!

For what it is worth, the second try was a bit better. Ella would not let me attempt a third try.

I’m sorry, honey. Daddy will eventually get it right. I promise to keep trying. I love you, princess!

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