I Bought It … For ME!

Back in 2020, I posted a blog about growing up with the Chipmunks Christmas albums. You can read that blog here:

One of the songs on their second album was called Wonderful Day. It is essentially a rip off of their famous Chipmunk Song.

In the musical interlude, Dave lets the boys open a gift. Alvin opens a harmonica. Dave asks about it and Alvin replies, “It’s a present, Dave. From me – To me!”

That line, and some conversation at work this week, got me wondering just how common this is. Do you buy yourself Christmas presents? Do you wrap up your own gift to open on Christmas morning? Is this really a thing?

Have I bought myself things before? Yes. have I wrapped them up to place under the tree? No.

My wife and I have again decided not to buy anything for each other this year. We both know that if there is something we want, we look at our budget and if we can afford it, we get it. She has about 100 items in her cart on Amazon. When she sees something that she wants for the kids, me, or herself, she adds it to her cart.

I do sort of the same thing, except I add it to my Amazon Wish List. However, many times, I add things to my Wish List so I won’t forget about them, not necessarily because I want to buy them. I want to revisit them after I see some reviews.

With all that being said, have you ever bought something for yourself – as a gift to yourself? I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “I Bought It … For ME!

  1. Yes, yes, yes, and yes (is that too many?)
    Things in Amazon shopping cart – check
    Things in Amazon wishlist – check
    Things bought for me, by me, but not put under the tree – check.

    I go a bit further and buy gifts for others (household members) but tag them from someone else. — shhh don’t tell anyone.

    My wife and I generally buy our own gifts (when it’s afforded) but we do have a thing or two under the tree (just to be thoughtful towards each other)

    Christmas is a magical time and sharing a gift or two (even if only “together time” is afforded) is precious.

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    1. The things on my list are usually books of music. Every once in a while an xbox game. I get those when I can afford them. My wife mentioned something earlier in the year and I may still get that for her …. if I can swing it


    2. What an intriguing question: do we gift ourselves with what we want… How often do we forget to do that? Maybe that’s why I always felt celebrating birthdays was so important?

      Before I was married (years and years AND years ago), I’d sometimes go watch movies by myself as a “gift” to myself.

      Since I got married, we get each other the things we want throughout the year, and “together time”, like Kenneth said, is precious and magical (but that doesn’t mean we don’t BUY each other things, chocolate included 🙂 ).

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