International Tuba Day

Today is a very important day that is celebrated world wide! I was going to have a staff writer not down a few notes on the subject, until I realized I don’t have one. So to avoid any treble, I will write it myself.

Annually, on the first Friday in May, the world celebrates International Tuba Day! We are forever grateful to whoever pitched the idea to honor the king of the low brass!

I understand the idea was turned down a few times before he marched in and plead his case. If he hadn’t conducted himself a-chord-ingly, we may not be celebrating today!

I am trilled to have once played this fantastic instrument. In years to come, I will continue to be a mouthpiece for this celebration and will not rest.

Even Shakespeare knew that the tuba was the key to the entire musical family! Remember when he asked, “Tuba, or NOT Tuba?”

Don’t let anyone rain on your parade today! Remember to stay in tune, in step, and keep the beat!

Happy International Tuba Day!!!

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