Color My World!

This is some sort of new trend I guess – Adult Coloring Books! They have been around for a bit, but recently at the store, I saw an entire rack of them – FOR ADULTS! Supposedly this is a big way to reduce stress.

I used to love to color as a kid. I had plenty of coloring books with Bugs Bunny, Hong Kong Phooey, and other cartoon characters of the time. I remember going to my grandmas house and there was an end table that had a door on it. When you opened the door there was a huge stack of coloring books and a big old bucket of crayons. We colored for hours.

If you were lucky as a kid, you didn’t just get the box of 24 colors – you got the big box of 64 colors with the built in crayon sharpener!

This was the only way a kid could get the gold or silver crayons!

It’s been some time since I sat down and colored with my boys. However, now that Ella is 18 months old, we got her the box of Jumbo crayons to color with.

In order to avoid any unwanted crayon on the walls, we gave her some paper and let her draw.

She has always seemed to do things with her left hand, so I have a feeling she will be a Southpaw (which will be good when she plays softball!). She began to draw with her left hand and when she got a second crayon, she began to draw with both. The more I watch her, the more I think she may be ambidextrous.

Watching her color was just a joy! I know she is going to be so creative. I was having as much fun watching her as she was having drawing.

The door of the refrigerator is a place of honor for kids. When your artwork is placed there, you know it is special. Ella produced many “fridgeworthy” drawings the other day. This is the first completed crayon drawing:

This, one, however, will NOT go on the fridge! It will go in a frame for us to treasure for many years to come. Is she Rembrandt? No. Is she Picasso? No. Is she Van Gogh? No. Is she da Vinci? No. But maybe one day she will listed among those famous artists because of her work. I will applaud all of her creativity and encourage her to continue doing whatever she loves to do!

If I am being completely honest, her artwork is more priceless and hold more value to be than any piece of art from the “masters”.

8 thoughts on “Color My World!

  1. I loved the big box with the sharpener. My fave crayon color was Cornflower Blue.

    A friend of mine gave me an adult coloring book with colored pencils. It is therapeutic.

    My mother was left handed. She was also a seamstress like her mother (me, too, to a degree). I grew up in a house where all the scissors were left handed. I am right-handed but, I can write and do things with my left hand. I’m about 70/30 ambi.

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