Post Op Update

Today marks 1 week since I “retired the swim team.”

Without going into too much detail, upon examination my doc decided that the surgery would need to be done at the hospital. He told me that he’d feel better if we did it there. I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that I’d be under sedation for the surgery. I’m really not sure my anxiety would have been ok with just a local.

I couldn’t lift anything over 20 pounds for a week. Because of that, when Sam went back to work, I needed help. We were grateful that Sam’s brother came over and spent the night Sunday night and my aunt came over and helped me last night. It messed up the bed time routine a bit, but it all worked out.

Saturday morning, we went to Sam’s mom and dad’s to pick up my car. It was the first time I had driven in a few days. Let’s just say that I felt every bump in the road on the way home. It was a long 30 minute drive!

I spent the remainder of the weekend trying to relax and icing when I felt I needed to. For the most part, I was able to get around without any issues. However, if I was up for long periods of time, I’d start to feel some pain.

Outside of walking like Fred Sanford, I’m actually feeling ok.

I plan on taking it easy and not overdoing things for a few days – just in case.

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