Sunday Questions

Rory over at Earthly Comforts is known for his thought provoking questions.  Soon, I will be taking part in an “interview” with him on his site.

For today, he posted some intriguing questions I thought I would answer.

Have you learned anything new about your personality that you didn’t know beforehand whilst on your blogging journey?

I suppose I have discovered that I have more issues than I thought.  By writing, I have discovered that writing causes me to think about things I have tried to bury deep inside.  There is a list of things that I really need to tackle at some point, but keep burying them and not addressing them.  So I guess that means I at some point, there will be some deep blogs coming.

What are your last thoughts of the night before you turn your lights off, ready to sleep?

As I lay my head on the pillow, I pray.  I express my gratitude for another day, for my family, and my blessings.  I usually am able to fall asleep quickly after that.  There are occasions where the brain won’t shut off and I think about things I shouldn’t worry about.

What is the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard anyone say, write, or blog about?

One blog (not on WordPress) was forwarded to me by a friend who said “I thought you’d find this informative and ridiculous.”. It was all about flatulence.  It may have even been called “The Art of the Fart!”

What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago?

Having more self control and holding my tongue at work. Voicing opinions and offering suggestions has gotten me in trouble in the past. Depending on the situation, I still may vocalize my thoughts, but I have been able to do it with less …. Anger or passion.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Questions

  1. Good answers. The last one in particular is important I think. ‘Time’ just had a cover story on ‘Zip it’, dealing with that – knowing when to hold your tongue. they compare people who just blurt out whatever is on their mind to alcoholics, self-destructive because of an addiction they can’t control andmight not be aware of. Prince Harry is an example which comes to mind quickly… I mean, you have some fair points, but there’s a time to just shut up! Constant whining and complaining doesn’t build your case. I don’t know if I’m better at that now than last year, but certainly I’ve learned to control it a lot over the past 10-15 years or so.

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    1. I’m going to have to find that article. There are a lot of things that just “eat away” at me. Things I see, things that I know could be done better, things that are a constant aggravation, etc… It is so difficult to NOT make my voice heard. I did it for so long on the radio, I struggle.

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      1. it’s likely online , but if you have a newsstand (do they still exist?) or B&N , it might still be on the rack- it was the last issue I got in the mail, so probably still current.

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  2. Good answers Keith 🙂
    It’s so funny about the art of the fart, l was discussing with my partner today how since we had both given up eating any meat at all and now eat mostly vegetables we seem to spend a lot of our day farting, so much so it was becoming like an art form in its own right! Her answers was … yep you guessed it, fart!
    I think the thing about blogging for me is it has made me question everything about my journey blogging and why l do it at all when it conflicts with much of my personality – and if you look at it in the right way that trek is almost as profound as the blogging experience itself.

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