Working weekend

Friday morning when I got home from work, I had more work to do. I had to help Sam set up for a yard sale.

Downstairs we had storage bins full of Ella’s clothes and more with the stuff Andrew has grown out of. We also had toys that weren’t being played with that we wanted to sell. Then there were big things like a stroller (which was replaced by a double stroller), a bassinet, walkers, and bouncy seats. Yes, the yard was was like 99.8% baby things.

Because I had to work Friday night, I went to bed after helping set up. Our neighbor’s daughter came over and helped with keeping the kids occupied while Sam managed the sale. It was a pretty hot day, and I woke up about 3:30. Sam was ready to wrap up for the day, so I helped drag everything back up to the side of the house (only to have to drag it all back out Saturday morning).

In the end, we sold a few things, but still have the majority of the stuff. Now we’ll driving those things to the resale shop to see what they want. I’m guessing what they don’t take will be donated to one of the churches or missions who help mom’s in need of baby stuff.

Saturday after we packed everything back up, we decided we were too tired to cook. So we ordered out. Sam wanted Mexican from our favorite place. I’m glad I had a lot of my Weight Watchers points left, because I think my meal took them all!

I suppose I could have just ordered a few tacos, but they have these chimichangas that are amazing. I’ve been within my points all week and one little splurge should not really hurt me. They were delicious!!

Today, I was extra careful, and took a nice long walk around the neighborhood to be sure to work off that meal. It was nice to get out and walk. Circumstances didn’t allow me to walk every day like I had hoped. Weigh in is Tuesday morning. Fingers crossed for a loss of a few pounds.

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