It’s Kindergarten At Work!

You never know what you are gonna find in your work e-mail. I have a fine example of that for you.

An e-mail came out informing us that there was a “Snoopy” coloring book in our break room. Crayons were provided (in packages of 4 – Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow) and we were asked to each color a picture for a chance at a prize.

Before the e-mail came out, I saw the coloring book and someone had made the comment that coloring relieves stress. Me, being the jokester that I am, ripped out a page and colored it. I then posted it on the bulletin board in our tech room.

Of course, I signed it like a 4 year old!

When our day tech came in, she chuckled and said she liked my work. Next thing I know, the e-mail comes out about coloring a page. What I didn’t know was that the above picture was then taken from our tech room and hung in the staff kitchen with all of the other pages (which were colored very nicely).

I would think that the folks I work with know that I was being silly. If not, my argument is this: They say to “think outside the box” and I say “Sometimes, you gotta color outside the lines!”

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