I Otter Write a Book…..

I love to read to Ella. She has so many great books. The book above is one that I bought for her and it is full of animal puns. I know that I bought it because I love otters, and hope she loves them, too.

One thing I have often thought about is writing a children’s book. As I read book after book and rhyme after rhyme, I often wonder if I missed my calling. I was always the one that the boys came to when they needed a poem for school. Every year for his birthday, I used to write a long poem for my former brother-in-law. Just recently, when DMX died, I let my radio pal, Johnny know with the following:

“Listen up, Homey! Don’t look back. Rapper DMX is dead of a heart attack. His words were nasty, and his clothes were nifty. He is now no more – he was only fifty. Word!”

Stupid? Yes. It took me all of 3 minutes to jot that down. I have used rhyming and poetry often and with a little thought, I’m sure I could come up with an idea for a children’s book. I can rhyme just like those authors. I am sure I could come up with something. I mean, some of the books don’t even need to rhyme. The books I really don’t like reading to Ella are the ones that are just one word on a page or picture books (though I understand how those can be good to teach kids things).

Just for the hell of it I looked up “kids books about otters” in Google. There were about 50 of them that came up at once.

Would kids be interested in the Adventures of Otto the Otter? Maybe. Would they sing along with the songs of Ollie the Otter? I don’t know. Could they learn colors and shapes with Oscar the Otter? Perhaps.

I don’t know the first thing about writing a book, let alone having someone illustrate it! That seems to be the way it works – someone writes it and someone else draws all the pictures. Even if I did that, I wouldn’t have a clue about how to publish it and do it in such a way that it actually made a little money! Just another pipe dream…..

Maybe one day……

Some Laughs From Soupy

April is National Humor Month. In an effort to spread laughter and a few smiles, I wanted to share a few of my favorite jokes from Soupy Sales. In the late 80’s he had a syndicated show called “The Soupy Sales Moldie Oldies Show” and each week featured a “Joke of the Day.” The following jokes were featured on that show:

Size 16

A stockbroker is suffering from a recurring ringing in his ears and he goes to the doctor who recommends that he have his tonsils removed. He has them removed, but it doesn’t help. He goes to a second doctor who advises him to have his teeth pulled. This too fails and the ringing continues.

He goes to a third doctor, a specialist, who says, “I’m sorry to tell you this, but you are suffering from a rare disease and at best, you have six months to live.”

Since the guy has no relatives to whom to leave his money, he decides to spend every cent he has. He books passage for a trip around the world. He goes to the best tailor in town and orders twenty handmaid suits. He finds a shirt maker and has twenty shirts made to order.

The shirt maker starts taking all the measurements and says, “Thirty-four sleeve. Sixteen Collar.” The stock broker says, “Excuse me, that should be fifteen.” The shirt maker responds and says, “Sixteen collar, look here at the tape measure.” The broker says, “That can’t be. I’ve always worn a fifteen collar and THAT’S what I want!”

The shirt maker replies, “Ok, but you’ll get a ringing in your ears!”

A Newlywed Joke

A young husband just married a couple of weeks comes home from a really hard day at the office. And as soon as he comes in, he falls down on the couch and he is just exhausted.

His bride comes in and looks at him very sympathetically and says, “My darling, you look so tired and so hungry. How would you like a nice steak smothered in onions, vegetables, baked potato, and some delicious pie a la mode?”

The weary new bridegroom looks up at his wife and says, “Not tonight, honey, I’m too tired to go out!”

It’s All About the Money

A guy is at a bar after office hours and he says to his friend, “Boy, I just have to have another drink before I go home. My wife is on my back from the moment I get home till I leave the next day about money. She’s always nagging me about money. Last week she wanted two hundred dollars. The day before yesterday, she wanted a hundred dollars. This morning, she asked for another hundred and fifty dollars!”

And his friend says, “Wow! That’s awful. What could she possibly do with all that money?”

And the guy says, “I don’t know, I never give her any!”

A Heavenly Funny

(Note: To my church and Bible friends, I know how doctrinally wrong this is. Keep in mind, it’s just a joke.)

There’s a bus loaded with women and they’re returning from a church worker’s convention. There is an accident, the bus overturns and all the women are killed. Now they all go to heaven and St. Peter greets them at the pearly gates and explains that heaven is full and that he’s going to have to put them up in hell until the new subdivision is completed.

Three weeks later, the devil frantically calls up St. Peter and begs him, “PLEASE! Take these women off my hands!!”

St. Peter says, “I can’t I’m still waiting for them to finish this subdivision. I’m still having housing troubles!”

And the devils says, “Troubles?! You don’t know what trouble is!! With all of their cake bakes, bingo games, rummage sales and bazaars, these women are only forty dollars short of air conditioning this place!”

Artist Greg Joens’ rendition of Soupy Sales! It’s pretty awesome!

Happy National Humor Month!

Keep Smiling! Keep laughing!

A “Story” from Mr. Balos

As April is National Humor Month, I began to think about blogging some of my favorite jokes. One came to mind immediately, but I have to give a little backstory before I tell it.

Manny Balos was one of the coolest teachers at my high school. He was originally the band director, and he eventually taught history and some other classes. He taught a class which was an “elective” for seniors called “Life in America.” Today, one might call this a “blow off class.” Throughout the class there were units on Old Radio Shows, Classic TV shows, Country Music, Pop Music, Rock Music and more. It was a blast.

Manny Balos

Mr. Balos always wrapped up class about 5 minutes before the bell rang, and told the class a joke (or jokes). However, he never called them jokes. He told us “stories.” One of my favorite “stories,” I later found out was a joke that had been around for some time and actually appeared on a song recorded by the Gaylords. They were two Italian brothers who were singers and comedians.

When Mr. Balos told this “story” he told it with a heavy and exaggerated Italian accent. I realize that by posting it here in written form, it will never do the “story” justice. Manny had a wonderful way of telling them. I’ll do my best to remember it …. here goes:

A little Italian man is flying to America. He is flying on a two engine plane over the ocean. A few minutes into the flight, the captain comes over the intercom:

“Welcome to Alitalia Airlines. This isa you Captain speaking. We gotta beautiful day for flying. We gonna be a cruising at about 45,000 feets and it looka like we gotta smooth sailing. Sitta back and enjoy you flight.”

A few minutes later, the captain is once again on the intercom:

“Ladies and gentleman, this isa you Captain speaking. It looks like we’re having some-a trouble with the right engine. But it’s a nothing to worry about. We gonna be fine. Justa relax, and enjoy the rest of you flight.”

The passenger relaxes into his seat. About 30 minutes later, a voice comes back over the intercom:

“Hello?! This isa you Captain speaking, again. We have lost the right engine, but don’t you worry, we gotta nother one on the left side that will get us where we going. It’s a no problem. But as a precaution, we wanna ask every body who knows how to swim to move to the right side of the plane, and those who no can swim, go to the left side of the plane. It’s a no big deal, it’s just a precaution. Have a some wine and enjoy the rest of you flight.”

Shortly after that there was a loud noise and again the voice came over the intercom:

“April Day! April Day!” I guess he meant to say May Day, but he got it wrong. “This isa you Captain speaking again. We lost the other engine and it looks like we are gonna have to make a splash landing in da water! Those of you on the right side of the plane who know how to swim, don’t you worry. When we hit the water, make a you way to the exit signs and jump in the water, and swim straight ahead. We are only about a mile or so from land. Those of you who are onna da left side of the plane ……. Thank you for flying Alitalia Airlines.”

(Rim Shot)

No one told this story better than Manny …..


After posting this blog, I was asked to find the video we made of Manny telling his favorite stories. I found the DVD that my buddy Steve made from the original VHS tape and converted it for YouTube. Here is the “Best of Manny” recorded in 1988….

The one, the only – Manny Balos!!!

Under Pressure …

I’ve been through this three times in my life already, but it is ultimately one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do? What is it? Picking a name for our baby on the way. Why is this so difficult?

First, I think it is so stressful because we do not know the gender of the baby yet. We will be going to find out in about 2 weeks. We did this with Ella, and it is even more important to do this with the baby on the way. Sam is a planner. If the baby is a girl, we are pretty much set. We have all of Ella’s clothes (despite the fact that “seasonally” they will be a bit different), and that is a good start. If it is a boy, however, we will probably have to go and buy a lot of new clothes. We have some “gender neutral” clothes, but “Daddy’s Little Princess” outfits are more for little girls.

Like every other set of expecting parents, before Ella was born (and before we knew she was a girl) we made lists. We had a list of possible girl names and a list of possible boy names. The list of boy names was shorter than the list of girl names. Whether it was just easier to come up with girls names, I don’t remember.

I think it also helped that both Sam and I thought we were having a girl, even before we had the ultrasound. We had plenty of girls names that we liked. Boy’s names, however, they were more difficult to come up with.

Sam is always tossing names my way. I will be sitting at work and she will text. I can be sitting on the couch and she say, “What about ___?” My issue has always been that I connect other people to names. “No. I knew a _____ and he annoyed me.” “No. That was the name of the mean doctor on (name a TV show).” “No. I don’t think that flows with our last name.” “Absolutely not! The boys had a friend with that name and he/she was a little brat!”

Am I the only who does this?

We went through a Baby Name book before Ella was born. We highlighted names we liked. It’s weird how you can go back through the book and see those names and go, “Eh…..I’m not sure I like that one anymore.” How do you do that? It happens! Let me tell you, we had two or three names that we were dead set on for a boy….now, Sam isn’t sold on them. Back to the drawing board. Back to Square #1.

Then factor in that Sam likes to be able to have a nickname, and that ads a bit more to the formula (Ella’s name is Pamela, but we call her Ella). It is a process that will hopefully become a bit easier when we find out the gender in a couple weeks. Do we have any gut feelings on what the baby is? Kinda. Sam is leaning blue and I am leaning pink. Reactions from family and friends is very mixed. I feel like most were thinking we were having a girl last time, but this time it is a pretty divided.

We’ll know soon…. in the meantime, I’m feeling the pressure to narrow down some names that we both can agree on!

Easter Weekend Wrap-Up

I hope this blog finds that you and yours had a wonderful weekend! We certainly did.


Saturday was kind of an “errand running” day, so we were busy with that. Funny highlight of our trip to Sam’s Club: Ella was sitting in the shopping cart and we had been through about half the store. She was fussing a bit and Sam went to take her out of the cart. One of her shoes popped off and fell to the floor. We then noticed that both shoes were missing! We only saw one fall, so somewhere early on in the shopping trip, she either pulled it off, or it fell off. Sam looked at me and said, “I’m not backtracking to look for it! This place is crazy!” So somewhere in Sam’s Club is a little pink shoe without a match. I probably should have left the other one on a box of crackers in case someone found the other one so they could make a pair.

Easter Sunday

We were all in bed by 9pm Saturday, as we were exhausted. Sam has been having insomnia really bad this pregnancy, so she slept off and on, but nothing solid. Ella woke up early, as she usually does, and we all went to the front room to show her the Easter basket. We got her some of those Mega Blocks, which are like big Legos. (For the record, they still hurt when you step on them, but not as bad as a Lego!) I made her breakfast and Sam went back to lay down.

When I laid her down for her nap, I took one, too! When we all woke up, we got dressed to go to my in-laws house for dinner. Once I was dressed and Ella was dressed, it was my job to take her outside to get pictures. Lately, it’s been hard to get her to sit still or smile for pictures. She is so curious and so busy. My brother bought her some dresses from the Disney store and one was just perfect for Easter. So I brought her outside on the porch and attempted to get a good picture. (I feel like for every good one I get, there are 16 bad ones….LOL)

Happy Easter – 2021

I was surprised I actually got this picture! I kid you not, about 1 minute after this picture, she fell off of the porch and bonked her head! Urgh! I felt so bad!

Easter was a bit bittersweet for me, as it fell on my mom’s birthday. She would have been 73. Sam suggested we go to the cemetery before we went to her mom and dad’s for dinner. I really miss my mom, even more so with all the wonderful things that are going on in my life. She would be so proud of my sons, and she would just spoil the heck out of Ella! We named Ella after her (and Sam’s mom, who were both named Pamela). I know my mom would be over the moon happy to know Sam is expecting again.

Anyway, I tend to get really emotional when I go there. Having Ella there running around lightened the mood a bit. She’s like a tornado at our house, leaving a path of toys, books, and other things where ever she has been. Sam joked and said that with our luck, Ella would knock over 4 or 5 headstones while we were out there. I snapped a picture that really moved me, and my dad even said that it brought him to tears when he saw it.

Ella at grandma’s grave

I’m not sure why, but this just touched my heart.

This year Ella got to take part in the Easter Egg hunt. She was too young last year, and now that she is walking/running every where, she had fun. We had to steer her to the eggs, and she had her cousins out there to compete with, but she did really good. She didn’t really understand that you couldn’t eat the plastic eggs, though.

Nana had to laugh. It was about 75 degrees and sunny on Easter. She had loaded many of the eggs up with chocolates. The insides of more than a few eggs were a bit … mushy.

After the egg hunt, the kids just played in the yard. They were all running around on the trampoline. Ella wanted to go up there, and I won’t lie, I was freaking out a bit. Her cousins were jumping and bouncing and I thought for sure someone was gonna knock heads in there. Ella was thrilled! She was running and laughing, falling and laughing, and having a blast. As they all ran around on the trampoline, the static from it was really making their hair stand up. In another stroke of luck, I captured a perfect picture that really needs a frame!

Dig that crazy hair!!!

I still laugh out loud when I see that one! She is so happy and that hair is just insane!!

Our family spent an amazing weekend celebrating the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. I certainly hope you and yours had a wonderful and blessed weekend, as well!

Spam That Doesn’t Come in a Can

It seems like the spam texts and calls come and go in waves. In the last 5 days, I have been slammed with all kinds of spam on my phone. Scammers are working overtime lately.

Tonight, within a span of 2 two hours, I have received about 8 text messages from various Gmail accounts. It is obvious that it is a scam or something that will harm your phone. It literally comes from a Gmail address and all the text contains is a link for you to click that is just a bunch of characters…. here is a picture I found that is similar to the texts I got tonight:

Spam Text messages

Do they really think that you are going to click on that? I admit that this is the newest form of spam texts I have been getting. I believe I have blogged before about the random text messages I was getting before from numbers I had never seen before. These were easy to spot as they always were addressed to “Edna.” “Congratulations, Edna! You have won a new car! Click the link below to claim your prize!” “Edna, It is important that we speak to you regarding a legal matter. Please call _______ or click the link below before law enforcement is involved!” Those all came from phone numbers. The fact that these are coming from random Gmail accounts is just weird. As soon as I would flag the text and mark it as spam, another would show up in my messages. It was almost like blocking them led to more texts. Maybe I am wrong. The Edna texts would be 5-8 a day for a while.

The Robo calls are just as bad – and weird. Most won’t leave a message. I was getting calls from a number that started 666 and when I blocked that number a new one would follow, again with a 666 prefix. So if I blocked 666-1234, they next call would be from 666-1235, or 666-4321 or whatever. They never left a message. I was laying on the floor playing with Ella one day and the phone rang and she answered it. Someone asked for “Lynn” as Ella babbled. I just hung up on them. Again, is it just a random name that people are asking for or are they really trying to get a hold of Lynn. It has to be a scam, as I have had my phone number for over 20 years!

Most of the time, Verizon flags these calls as they ring…

Every one of those calls came up as “potential spam” and all seem to come from my area code.

The latest barrage of calls I have been getting has been the most annoying. They are actually leaving messages. 5 different voices all asking me to call back the same number – yet all the messages are a bit different. They are transcribed from the voice mails:

Caller 1: “I’m a real estate investor and I was given your number by your friend John (nice and generic name). He told me you were trying to sell your house. It is just what I am looking for. Please call me back when you get a second at 888-SPAM 4ME.”

Caller 2: “Hey! I know it’s been awhile since we talked, and I’m sorry. I have great news for you! I have someone interested in buying your house. They are willing to pay cash. Call me so we can work out the details – 888-SPAM 4ME.”

Caller 3: “Hey, buddy. I was able to get our buyer to agree to the price. We were able to get the extra $6000. I’m glad we’re going to be able to sell your house. Call me back – 888-SPAM 4ME.”

Caller 4: (The weirdest one of them all) “Uh, Hi there! I know that this is out of the blue, but I believe you’ve got a house that you’re interested in selling. Again, I’m sorry for the crazy call and I might even have the wrong number, but if you’re interested in selling that house please give me a call back at this telephone number 888-SPAM 4ME. Thanks so much.”

Caller 5: ” Hey there this is Jack. I’m giving you a call. I’m a local real estate investor looking to by some more houses in your area. If you’re at all interested in a no obligation cash offer or you know anyone interested in a cash offer on property they own, you can reach me at 888-SPAM 4ME.”

I feel like I am blocking numbers as fast as they are calling, but these calls continue. I’m on the Do Not Call list, but these scammers are relentless. It’s annoying!

Rant Over.

Hot and NOT Ready!

The day was supposed to go a bit differently than it did. I had planned on getting up early so we could run to Sam’s Club to get a few things. Sam came in before my alarm went off and crawled into bed next to me. She laid Ella down for a nap and she was going to nap next to me. Ella took a long nap, so we officially postponed our Sam’s Club trip until tomorrow. Usually I am up by 4, but because I turned my alarm off, it was after 5 when we woke up.

I am usually on the road by 6 for work. Because we slept so long, the stuff we pulled out for dinner never got made. So I suggested to Sam that I just run up and grab a pizza. It was about 5:45 when I walked into the Little Caesars. There was a guy ahead of me, who ordered two Hot & Ready pizzas. They gave him his order and he walked out. They took my order (2 Hot & Readys and a Crazy Bread), gave me the total, I paid for it and then they said, “That will be about 20 minutes.” I was dumbfounded. I looked at the woman and questioned, “20 Minutes?” She looked at me and stated that there were 5 orders ahead of me. I had already paid, so what could I do?

I wish she had told me that it would be a wait before I paid. I literally said, “So the Hot and Readys … aren’t ‘ready’?” She didn’t find that humorous. So I walked next door to the Dollar Store to kill a few minutes. When I walked back in, the same woman said they were just waiting on the Crazy Bread, so I sat down and waited. I watch a worker come up and put the bread in the warmer behind the counter and tell the other woman, “Crazy Bread is up!” I should be good to go now, right? No.

The woman grabs the two Hot and Readys and sets them on the counter. A guy walks in and up to the register. She looks at him and asks, “Can I help you?” He tells her that he had called in an order and she gets his name. She lifts my pizzas up from the counter, and puts them back in the warmer! She grabs his pizzas and the rest of his order as I stand there watching her. He looks at me and says, “Were you in line?” I chuckled and said, “At this point, I’m not sure they know I am here!” The woman behind the counter looks at me and says, “You don’t mind, do you?”

The old Keith would have been swearing and yelling long before this, but I kept cool. Was I angry? Yes! Did I want to make a scene? Yes! However, I calmly replied “It’s fine. Go ahead and continue helping him. I can wait.” She gave him his food and as he walked out, he apologized to me. It was not his fault at all, so he didn’t need to apologize to me. The cashier pulled my order our of the warmer again and another customer walked in. I was standing there and I kid you not, she started to ask the other customer “Can I help …..” I must have given her an evil eye or something, because mid-sentence she said, “….this man first?”

After all of that, I didn’t get back to the house until 6:20 and I still hadn’t showered for work. I ran in the house, and literally threw off my clothes so I could shower and get ready for work. On the way, I called and said I’d be really close to punch in time. I am ALWAYS a little early, so I didn’t want them to think I wasn’t coming in. I walked in about 5 minutes before I was supposed to punch in. Whew! I HATE being late for ANYTHING and am ALWAYS early! (That comes from the lesson of my band director – “If you’re on time, you’re late!”)

What I have come to realize is this – you tend to get angry when you are compromised. If it had been a day I didn’t have to be at work, I would have brushed it off no problem. However, because this was an inconvenience to me, it made me angry. When I am on my way to work and get stopped by a train, or get stuck in traffic because of an accident, I get extra frustrated and anxious. My schedule is compromised. When computers at work don’t work properly, my work is compromised. It all comes back to the greatest lesson I have learned over the past 4 years – You can’t worry about things that you can’t control.

It’s a hard thing to do.

One final thought: Remember when Domino’s Pizza had the “30 minute delivery or it’s free” thing? Perhaps Little Caesars should have something special (like a free bread or free pop or something) for people who are inconvenienced by their Hot and Readys NOT being ready ….


Sam always makes Ella’s “Well Visit” appointments for her day off. Yesterday, was her 1 year check up. The appointment was first thing in the morning and since I pass by there on my way home, I met them at the doctor’s office. Sam, who is now entering the second trimester of this pregnancy, was glad to have an extra set of hands at the appointment.

The days of just sitting in the waiting room and looking at the fish in the aquarium are long gone. She’s on the move all the time! Thankfully, they called us back pretty quickly and she got to explore the exam room. The medical assistant came in and did height, weight, vision test, and vitals before the doc came in. We discussed the immunizations that she would be getting and then the doc came in.

Our doc is amazing. She looked Ella over and asked us what she was and wasn’t doing, told us the things to expect in the months to follow, and mentioned the foods she was now able to eat. The doc was impressed with her babble and at how “advanced” she is. Before leaving, the doc asked Sam when she was due and reminded us that she’d be happy to see our new baby, too.

Then the medical assistant came in to give Ella her shots. She was laying on the exam table and I got down next to her, holding her arms. Everything was fine until that first “poke.” Ella’s face had that surprised/shocked look and the tears began. Immediately, I felt my heart sink and got sick to my stomach. The next “poke” only made her cry more and me feel worse. The band aids went on and I scooped her up in my arms. I held her and tried to comfort her. She then reached for mommy, who calmed her down by simply talking to her.

With my sons, I was always the one who took them to get shots. God, I hated it! I got that same feeling every time they got a shot. I hated seeing them cry. You know you are doing the right thing, but you feel awful. They give you that “Why are you letting them hurt me?” look, and you just feel terrible. It all came back to me today when Ella got her shots.

As a parent, you will do whatever you can to protect your kids and keep them from getting hurt. In some cases, though, that means tears will be shed … by the child…..and the parent.

Snow-pening Day

Baseball is back! Today was opening day at Comerica Park. Sadly, because I work midnights, I didn’t get to watch the game. The Detroit Tigers hosted the Cleveland Indians and started the season with a win. It’s always exciting when they win on Opening Day. It takes me back to the magical 1984 season, when they started 35-5! My mind always goes back there and the “what ifs” begin. I’d be lying to you if I told you I wasn’t hoping for another trip to the World Series …. AND a World Series WIN.

I plan on watching the replay of the game for sure! There was snow during the game today, and at times you had to wonder how the batters and fielders could see the ball!

Snow didn’t bug Miguel Cabrera (who was back playing first base for the first time in a couple years), as he launched a two run homer in the bottom of the first inning to give the Tigers a 2-0 lead.

Final Score – Tigers 3 Indians 2. Here’s hoping that we have an amazing season!

A “Fool”ish Playlist

No pranks from me today! Instead, Here is a list of “Fool”ish songs for you to check out today as YOU are pranking someone!

  • * What a Fool Believes – Doobie Brothers
  • * The Fool on the Hill – Beatles
  • * Fool In The Rain – Led Zeppelin
  • * Chain of Fools – Aretha Franklin
  • * Kissing a Fool – George Michael
  • * Fool Such as I – Elvis Presley
  • * Foolish Heart – Steve Perry
  • * Poor Little Fool – Ricky Nelson
  • * The Fool – Sanford Clark
  • * Fooling Yourself – Styx
  • * Famous Last Words of a Fool – George Strait
  • * Fool To Cry – Rolling Stones
  • * Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool – Connie Francis
  • * Ship of Fools – Robert Plant
  • * Everybody Plays the Fool – The Main Ingredient
  • * What Kind of Fool Am I? – Sammy Davis Jr.
  • * Fool’s Gold – Thin Lizzy
  • * Why Do Fools Fall in Love – Frankie Lymon
  • * What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am? – Lee Roy Parnell
  • * Fortunate Fool – Jack Johnson
  • * The Fool – Lee Ann Womack
  • * Fool To Love You – John Mayer
  • * Fool For Your Lovin’ – Whitesnake
  • * Foolin’ – Def Leppard
  • * Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who
  • * Fools Rush In – Brook Benton
  • * Fool Hearted Memory – George Strait
  • * Don’t Want To Be A Fool – Luther Vandross
  • * Foolish Pride – Travis Tritt
  • * She’s a Fool – Lesley Gore
  • * Fool #1 – Brenda Lee
  • * Fooled Around and Fell In Love – Elvin Bishop
  • * Foolish Beat – Debbie Gibson
  • * Foolish Games – Jewel
  • * Statue of a Fool – Ricky Van Shelton
  • * What Kind of Fool – Barbra Streisand
  • * Fools – Deep Purple
  • * Cool Fool – The Cars
  • * American Fool – John Mellencamp

Fool around a bit today! Happy April Fool’s Day!