Football and Family

Ashamed to be a Fan

Like most guys, I’m a football fan. I’m also a very lucky football fan, as my wife loves to watch football, too! For my readers who don’t know, I live in Michigan. The good news is that we have a professional NFL team here. The bad news is that the team is the Detroit Lions. In the 50 years I have been on this earth the Lions have played in 14 playoff games (mostly Wildcard games) and have only won 1 game. Since 1944, only 5 NFL teams have had the embarrassing privilege of going 0-16 in a season – the Lions did it in 2008.

Every year, for as long as I can remember, football fans in Michigan cry “Same old Lions!” after every game. No matter what, they always seem to find a way to lose!

I was surprised to turn on the game in the 3rd quarter Sunday and find that they were actually beating the Chicago Bears 23-6. At the beginning of the 4th quarter, the commentators on TV had to flash up some stats that recounted just how many times the Lions have blown leads and lost in the 4th quarter. It happened again on Sunday.

In the fourth quarter, Chicago scored 21 points to come from behind and beat the Lions. With 6 seconds left in the game, D’Andre Swift dropped the potential game winning TD! It was just sickening!

When this happened, all I could think of was that scene in one of the Naked Gun movies with everyone facepalming:

I am left to wonder if I will ever see the Lions in the Super Bowl, let alone WIN it! Until then, I will continue to watch “the same old Lions”……

Not sure who Robustoman is, but he nails it with this drawing/logo!

The Kids

Since last blogging, our little princess hit another milestone: She is 7 months old!

She’s almost 17 pounds, is sitting up by herself, has two teeth , and is eating real food. She will be crawling before we know it. She truly could be a model, as she has so many wonderful facial expressions. Today, while eating peaches, she was puckering up like she took a bite out of a lemon or something!

I was especially happy this weekend as both boys were over to visit. I made breakfast for all of us, we walked the neighborhood, and had some good conversation. My oldest boy is working a lot of hours, so it was nice to have all of my kids together for the day. Wish I had gotten more pictures, but I was able to snap this one –

Big brothers and their sister

Someone once said, ” In a society that has you counting money, pounds, calories, and steps, be a rebel and count your blessings instead.” Another said, “When you count your blessings, you realize you are doing just fine.”

While I may not be blessed with a winning football team, I certainly have been blessed with three amazing children and one amazing wife!

This is a First

I am honored

I want to thank my friends at the Pure Entertainment Preservation Society ( ) for nominating my blog for the Blogger Recognition Award. I guess I never thought that this personal blog would be thought of as “award worthy.”

This award has simple rules.

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Post the award banner on your blog.
  • Share the reason you started your blog.
  • Share two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
  • Nominate a maximum of 15 other bloggers.
  • Tell your nominees about your award post, so they can participate.

So I have done the first two things the rules require. I will move through the rest of the list now.

The Reason I Started My Blog

As I have said in the past, I used to blog on MySpace and wrote “notes” on Facebook. I never had a dedicated site to blog on. As I went through my divorce, my therapist suggested writing a journal. I told her I used to blog all the time and she asked why I stopped. I told her that my ex hated that I wrote blogs. I stopped because she told me “nobody cares about that stuff” and “nobody reads that stupid crap you write” and “I wish you’d stop writing personal stuff on social media.”

The blog was meant to be a personal journal to write about my life, write my memories, share my love for movies and music, and to write about observations. I had no idea that anyone, let alone someone I have never met, would decide that my blog would be something they would enjoy reading. Yet, at last count I have almost 150 regular followers. You, dear reader, are one of them, and I thank you for that!

Two Pieces of Advice for New Bloggers

I don’t consider myself to be a professional blogger. I’m probably not the guy who you’d want to listen to if you plan on blogging professionally or to make money! That being said, I guess I can offer my thoughts on blogging. I have used the way I used to approach picking topics to talk about on my radio show for my blogs.

First, write about something you love. Chances are, someone else loves it, too. I would say that the majority of blogs I follow are about movies and music. I have even become personal friends with those bloggers. What do you love? What are your hobbies? What is your favorite film or movie genre? Who is your favorite singer? What do you do for a living? Write about what you know and love. Writing prompts have sometimes led to a really good blog. Subscribe to them and you’ll find some that will directly be related to things you love.

Second, don’t be afraid to get personal. If you’d rather not, I understand. I can tell you that when I spoke of personal things on the radio, it always led to listener reactions. In the same way, some of my most personal blogs are the ones that get the most comments, reactions, and responses. Don’t be afraid to share a bit of the real you – you will find that there are plenty of readers who can relate to you!

My Nominations

Many of the ones I could nominate, were nominated by the Pure Entertainment Preservation Society already. This is my first time doing this, so I will offer up just a few here:

First – My buddy, Max from the PowerPop Blog at:

He and I are so much alike. He’s been a great friend and has helped me with the set up of my blog’s content page. We’re around the same age, and we share many of the same memories about pop culture.

Second – Slice the Life at:

They are currently doing a month long salute on Dr. Demento and novelty tunes!

Next, the music posts from America on Coffee at:

I have found they share my taste in music and often introduce me to songs I don’t know or remember.

Finally, Scott and the gang at the blog Waldina at:

He has some great write ups about celebrity birthdays, pop culture, movies, and more.

There are many others that I could nominate, too, but as I mentioned, they were nominated by PEPS.

Thank you, PEPS! I am truly honored and humbled to have been nominated by you!


“Bad Days Build Better Days”

I don’t feel like blogging. I don’t feel like being here. I have so many thoughts running through my mind. I feel like my insides are being torn apart. I am sad and want to cry. I am mad and want to scream. I am tired and need to sleep. I am frustrated and don’t know what to do. I am a huge mess. I don’t feel like blogging, but maybe it will be good to just vent.

I keep telling myself all the things that have helped me over the past 4 years:

  • “Control what you can control.”
  • “Never let a bad situation bring out the worst in you. Be strong and choose to be positive.”
  • “Stay Positive – better days are on the way.”
  • “Let it go.”
  • “Pay no attention to toxic words. What people say is often a reflection of themselves, not you.”
  • “Life becomes easier when you delete the negative people from it.”
  • “You never fully see how toxic someone is until you breathe fresher air.”
  • “Let people do what they need to do to be happy, mind your own business and do what you need to do to make you happy.”
  • “Forget the negative and focus on the positives.”

Man, that’s just a handful of quotes that have helped in the past. To a degree, they helped a little today. Basically, though, as I thought on them, all I could say was, “I know.” It was just extremely hard to follow the instructions in those bits of wisdom.

Once Upon a Time – A Fairy Tale

In life we all have monsters or ogres that cause us trouble. The ogre in my life was working overtime over the past 48 hours. My days consisted of text messages, e-mails, phone calls, and communication from the ogre and its believers. To say that those things have exhausted me is an understatement.

As I thought about ways to describe my ogre, I was immediately reminded of the biblical person of the Antichrist. If you are unfamiliar with him, all you need to know is that this person is set to come in very peaceably, speaking kind words, promising to get things right, and leading people astray in belief of his lies. Then, this peaceful man will seek to destroy the world. He will do terrible things. My ogre is like that.

“If it is easier on you …” “Oh, that’s no trouble at all….” “I’m glad to help you with that …” and then, when the time is right, it turns on you. Suddenly, everything you thought was being done in kindness, is used against you. Things that you thought you’d agreed on, are now twisted and turned to make you look bad. The ogre begins to spread lies, and telling half truths to make situations look like something they are not. The narcissistic ogre is like a category 5 hurricane or an EF-5 tornado, looking to destroy anything in it’s path, while looking angelic to it’s followers.

What is truly sad is the effect that this has on the innocent. The pawns in the beast’s game of chess. These poor clueless pawns are brainwashed by the control of its words. They say if you tell someone something enough, whether it is true or not, they will start to believe it, despite no proof. The manipulation and the subtle way that the ogre controls these pawns is invisible to those under the spell of its black magic. Woe unto those poor souls!

If the ogre only affected me, I think I would be able to cope with things more. However, the ogre is a powerful beast. It knows how to work its way into my circle. It not only affects me, but my friends and family. It is not happy unless it is making others unhappy. I’ve seen this first hand. It’s not just with me as the ogre loves to cause trouble in the lives of others. Planting seeds which causes others to argue, gossip, or throw someone’s life into chaos. Once the seed takes root, the ogre sits back and watches the madness, the struggles, the anger, and chaos with great delight. How sick is this beast that it gets such pleasure by hurting and destroying others?!

Sadly, the ogre is not something I can just cut out of my life, though I wish I could. The ogre will be around for some time. Perhaps there is some mythical creature that can be used as a mediator, but alas, I have not found it. I’ve never felt like my life was that entertaining, but it seems like it must be, as the ogre spends a lot of time worried about me and what I am doing. All I can do is to continue to pray that with time, the ogre will leave me alone and find someone else to focus its attention on.

The End – I hope.

As they used to say on old radio shows – Any similarity to persons living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Scarlett O’Hara

Though I have never seen Gone With The Wind all the way through, I am familiar with quotes from the movie. I’d like to close with one. While today was a bad day, I have to remember what Scarlett O’Hara said, “…tomorrow is another day.”

Three C’s – Confidence, Character, and Change

Three C’s

Do a Google search of “Three C’s” and you will find many:

  • Three C’s of Sucess
  • Three C’s of Leadership
  • Three C’s of Business Communication
  • Three C’s of Marketing
  • Three C’s to Help Children Suceed
  • Three C’s of Strong Writing

The list goes on and on. The Three C’s of this blog don’t necessarily all fit together under one heading. I just had a few things that I wanted to write about and the all started with C. I guess they might all connect in one way or another, but that’s probably coincidence.

I’m not sure that this blog is going to teach anybody anything. There may or may not be a lesson here. I’m going to admit that this blog is more for me. I wanted to actually write this down so I could come back and reflect on it. If you gain some nugget of information or find it something for you to apply to your life, I’ll count that as a blessing.


This week, my wife asked if I had heard a Christian song called “Confidence” by Sanctus Real. I had not. I told her I would give it a listen. I found that it struck a chord with me. Here are just some of the lyrics:

I’m not a warrior
I’m too afraid to lose
I feel unqualified for what you’re calling me to
But Lord with your strength
I’ve got no excuse
‘Cause broken people are exactly who you use

So give me faith like Daniel in the lion’s den
Give me hope like Moses in the wilderness
Give me a heart like David, Lord be my defense
So I can face my giants with confidence

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have woke up afraid to face the day or the times I have been afraid to face a challenge. Even recently, I felt “unqualified” for a task I had to undertake. I love how this song reminds me that God uses “broken” people to do things. I once had a pastor tell me something along the same lines when he said “God often does His best work when things seem to be at their worst.”

The song goes on to talk about some of the traits of great men in the Bible and how we can use those traits to be confident in all we are to do. David faced his giant with confidence, and we can too with His help.


This brings me to the second “C” – Character. The character traits of those mentioned in the song are things I hope to have daily in my life.

It mentions the faith of Daniel in the lion’s den. A study of Daniel in the Bible will show that he was also a man of great devotion. His faith and devotion were unwavering. He knew no fear, and had a lot of faith. What a great example.

The song mentions the hope of Moses in the wilderness. He was in the wilderness for 40 years with a group of people who were praising God one day, and complaining about God the next. One can only imagine the great amount of patience that Moses had to have during his time with them. Some of us can’t handle 40 minutes with relatives, let alone 40 years! Moses, through all of that, led them. Another great example.

Then the song mentions the heart of David. He is often called a “man after God’s own heart” because of his bravery and his passion for justice. David was a great man of prayer, many of them recorded in the book of Psalms. He is a great example of a man who always sought guidance from God during times of chaos.

This got me thinking about other biblical examples of strong character traits. There are many of them, and I am only going to mention a few here. I’ll start with Abram/Abraham. Here’s a guy who is 100 years old (his wife was also old), never had children, and God tells him he is going to have many children. He is told he will be the father of a “great nation.” When he finally has a child, God tells him to sacrifice him. Can you imagine? Here’s the child I promised you, now sacrifice him to Me. He was totally prepared to do it and God saw his faith. Isaac went on to bear his own children and Abraham was indeed the father of a great nation. His faith was tested and he was faithful. What an amazing example of faith.

In Genesis 6, God tells Noah that he is going to flood the earth. He tells him to build an ark to save his family and the animals of the earth. He was about 500 years old when he was told this. Some figure that it took him about 55 or so years to complete the ark. (Keep in mind he also had to make sure there was food, water, provisions and such to survive on the ark while it floated. That’s a big job!) Talk about a guy who had endurance! Noah sure did.

Many people talk of the patience of Job. I think patience is a good word, but you could also say that he had perseverance. He is a man who suffered some very terrible things in his life time. Those things happen to him one after another. His children, cattle, and servants all die at the same time! He suffered through so many things, and yet through it all he worships God. He persevered through terrible times, and in the end he comes out of it blessed with more than before. When I think of Job, I think of the old saying, “You have to go through the storm to get to the rainbow.”

Lastly, I want to talk about Paul. He is called Saul before his conversion. He was a huge persecutor of Christians after Jesus was crucified. He led the charge to throw people in jail who were preaching about Jesus. He also had many Christians killed because of their faith. In the book of Acts, Saul is confronted by the risen Lord and converted. He went on to write 13 very important books in the New Testament! He is a great example of change. He was this terrible man who persecuted Christians, and went on to be one of the greatest examples of change in all of Scripture!

Which brings me to my third, and final “C” – Change.


The third C, came up in conversation with my friend, Jeff. I mentioned how sad it was that people get branded or judged to always be one way. There are way too many people in the world who do not believe that a person can change. People change every day! I am NOT the same man I was 5 years ago. Sadly, there are many people who believe that people can’t change. That is just not true. People can change – but they have to want to change.

Sam watches this show called “Intervention” on TV. It follows people who suffer with addiction. They are confronted by family and given the option to get treatment for their addiction. Some chose to get treatment, while others do not. They make a choice.

Change begins with a choice. A person has to chose to change their way of thinking. A person has to chose to do things a different way. A person has to chose to stop doing things that lead to certain behaviors. Change can happen, but not every one chooses to change.

It is wrong for us to believe that people can’t change. It is wrong for us to “brand” people as being a certain way. There are people who feel that they are qualified to make a judgement and say, “He says he doesn’t drink anymore, but you know he does!” Exactly what is it that qualifies you to do that? Isn’t there a saying that says, “When you point a finger at someone, there are three more pointing back at you?”

There are some of the people from my past, who go around talking about “giving grace” to others. Some of them even stand in front of church congregations preaching this. Yet they are the very ones who judge and brand people. They are the ones who gossip about others. They are hypocrites. They enjoy making other’s look bad by spreading lies, rumors and falsehoods. They are far from perfect, and they are master manipulators who will do and say whatever needs to be said to (1) make them look good and (2) to accomplish whatever works to their advantage.

I saw a T-shirt recently that read on the front “I’m not the man I ought to be, but…” On the back it read, “Thank God, I am not the man I used to be!” What an amazing quote! This is exactly how I feel! This blog serves as a reminder to me that I am a new man. I have made positive changes in my life, and while there are many who brand me as being “like I was,” I am changed!

Adam Lindsay Gordon’s words above are words to live by!

I pray each day that as I live my life, people will see me as a man of faith. I hope they see me as having the character traits of some of those biblical men who I mentioned earlier in this blog. I pray that God helps me to be a faithful man, husband, father, and friend. I pray that that He uses this “broken” man’s story to help others understand that change is possible!

Thanks for reading!

Childhood Celebrity Crushes

Today’s blog comes from a daily writing prompt. While this topic has often come up in conversations with friends over the years, I’m surprised I’ve never written about it. The prompt: “Did you have a Celebrity Crush growing up?” If I am being honest, I had a few. Sometimes, the only reason I watched a specific TV show was because of the celebrity crush.

I am guessing that many of these gals made the lists of many young men. I guess you’d call many of them sex symbols. Here is my list:

Lynda Carter – Wonder Woman

Marilu Henner – Taxi

Jaclyn Smith – Charlie’s Angels

Catherine Bach – The Dukes of Hazzard

Nancy McKeon – Facts of Life

Erin Gray – Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Christina Applegate – Married With Children

Olivia Newton John – Grease

Marisa Tomei – My Cousin Vinny

Carrie Fisher – Star Wars

Tiffani Thiessen – Saved By The Bell

Paula Abdul – MTV

I’m probably forgetting a few ….

How about you? Who were your Celebrity Crushes?

Are you a “Grumbletonian?”

The English language is full of words that rarely get used today. I don’t know what made me think of this particular word this week. I don’t know if maybe I heard someone say it on the radio or TV, but the word makes me chuckle. The word is “cockamamie.” It means ridiculous. Example: Who came up with this cockamamie idea? When I came into work this week, as a joke, I told the other techs to find a way to use the word in a sentence during their conversations with patients. Believe it or not, I was actually able to!

My radio buddy, Johnny Molson, used to (and probably still does) get a “word of the day” in his e-mail. I know a few Facebook friends who post a “vocabulary” word to use in conversation during that day. I enjoy seeing those posts and find the words interesting. Recently, actor Eddie Deezen (of Grease fame) posted the word “Bruxism” – which I know because of my job in sleep medicine. That is the correct medical term for “teeth grinding.”

So for the fun of it, here are some words (and definitions) you should strive to use in every day conversation. Feel free to share some of your favorites in the comments!

  • Grumbletonians – People who are angry or unhappy with the government.
  • Fudgel – The act of giving the impression of working but actually doing nothing.
  • Snollygoster – A person who has intelligence but no principles, especially a politician. 
  • Ultracrepidarian – Somebody who gives opinions about topics they know nothing about. 
  • Kakistocracy – Government by the least qualified or worst people. 
  • Chuckaboo – A best friend or a really close friend.
  • Humbug – Deceptive or false talk or behavior.
  • Balderdash – Nonsense.
  • Curmudgeon – Ill-tempered (often old) person.
  • Willy-Nilly – Haphazardly.
  • Skedaddle – Flee. Leave.
  • Osculate – To kiss.
  • Rigmarole – Confused talk or complicated procedure.
  • Hullabaloo – Uproar.
  • Brouhaha – A state of commotion or excitement.
  • Doohickey – Gadget or attatchment.
  • Finagle – To trick.
  • Hornswoggle – To dupe or hoax.
  • Lackadaisical – Lacking energy or enthusiasm.
  • Spiffy – Stylish.
  • Gobbledygook – Nonsense. Indecipherable writing.
  • Kerfuffle – A disturbance.
  • Lollygag – To meander or to delay.
  • Fakakta – Screwed up.
  • Plethora – Large amount or in excess.
  • Kibitzer – Yiddish term for a spectator. Usually one who offers (often unwanted) advice or commentary.
  • Quagswag – To shake to and fro.
  • Callipygian – Having well-shaped buttocks.
  • Skinflint – A person who spends as little money as possible; a miser.
  • Guffaw – A loud and boisterous laugh.

I think I am done with this cockamamie post! Thanks for reading!

Antiques and Other Thoughts

Old Treasures = Old Memories

Lately, I’ve noticed some things on Facebook marketplace that take me back to my childhood. This is much like when I have stopped by Goodwill or the Salvation Army. One time I was walking through Goodwill and I saw a brass teapot that my grandmother had on a table in her front room.

One day Facebook marketplace had an old oil lamp I recognized. I don’t remember who had this in their house, but I remember it being something that fascinated me. I would just sit and watch it.

This week, someone posted a piece of patio furniture that used to sit on my grandma’s back porch. I will always remember this glider. It was metal, so it got hot in the summer time. I also remember that when you got up, you had all these squares imprinted on the back of your legs! My brother found a picture of me in a rocking chair that obviously went with the glider. He seems to think the glider ended up at our house, and he may be right. I don’t remember. All I know is that someone was asking like $500 for it on Marketplace!

I remember there was a lamp that hung at my grandma’s (and I think my mom had one, too) that was an eagle. I want to say it was ceramic. I now it hung on a chain. It was heavy and I always seemed to bump my head on it!

I really wish there were more pictures of things like this in our old photo albums…

I’m A Moron

I had to make a call to my credit card company today to ask a question about something. When I called, it asked for the last four numbers of the card. I read them and the automated voice said that they didn’t match their records. I read it again and they said the same thing. Recently there was a fraudulent charge made and the cancelled the card and sent a new one. I shredded the old one (I thought) and put the new on in my wallet.

Man’s hand holding credit card to stop over spending on it

Yeah, nope. I actually shredded the new card and put the old one back in my wallet. I guess I am glad that I called with a question, or I would have never known I had the wrong card in there. What a dope!!

Little Moments I Treaure

Being back to work, I feel like I don’t get to see Ella. The last couple days when I get home, she looks bigger to me. I mean vastly different. I know this is only perception, but that’s how I feel. I know I am not crazy, cause Sam will say the same thing when she comes home.

This morning, I sat with her on the couch and she was drinking her bottle. When she finished, she snuggled up to me and took my finger in her hand. Man, that is one amazing feeling. I love when she does that. It was the perfect way to end my day!

A Quote to Post on Your Fridge

The following quote showed up in my Facebook Memories and I wanted to share. It comes from the great Sid Caesar:

“Do you know how important ‘NOW’ is? Enjoy it as much as you can, because no matter how much you want to hold on to ‘NOW’, it’s going to be ‘WAS’ !”

Enjoy the NOW!

Thanks for reading!

*Yawn* – I need sleep – or coffee

It’s been an extremely long day for me. I was up early with Ella, had an appointment in the afternoon, and still have to go into work tonight. I’m sure that I’ll be drinking plenty of coffee tonight!

Another Milestone

We’ve been trying to get Ella to sit up. Sam has been doing it with her off and on, and this morning, I sat her up while I was on the floor next to her. She can sit up for a minute or two at a time now! While it is amazing to watch her grow and achieve these amazing milestones, with each one, I am reminded of just how time flies.

Soon, she will be crawling, then walking, then driving! Where’s the pause button?!

Thank You

Thanks for your prayers and your positive vibes! I appreciate them very much. As I mentioned in my last blog, I am working on a few things and am not really to the point where I want to go into detail. I will just say that things are progressing and hopefully things will fall into place. One never knows what to expect when you take a chance on the unknown, but I certainly pray that this is an opportunity to do big things. I’d appreciate if you’d keep sending those prayers!

Am I The Only One Who Thinks This?

So I had a meeting this afternoon. During this meeting everyone is wearing masks. There are no handshakes. There is social distancing. As I looked at everyone else in their masks, I began to think, “We’re all Wilson from Home Improvement!” All we could see were each other’s eyes! “Hi Dee Ho, Neighbor!”

I Thought This Was Cool

I may have mentioned this before, but it is weird to watch baseball without fans in the stands. I recently saw this on Facebook and had to give kudos. Imagine you’ve bought season tickets to see your favorite team play, and then Covid hits and you cannot see the games. The Pittsburgh Pirates sent this to one of their season ticket holders:

How cool is that?! I always hope to catch a foul ball at a ball game. I’m sure this fan had to be excited to get this. Kudos to the Pirates for doing this!

Your Feel Good Internet Moment …

During “Quarantine 2020” many folks stayed at home and binge watched TV shows. Jennifer Garner recently binged watched all the episodes of The Office. The series finale brought her to tears. She actually recorded her reaction, but accidentally recorded it in slow motion. This led many of the stars of the show to respond to her post. It’s worth the watch – see it at the link below:

I Need To Nap!

With that, I will sign off! Need to snooze before work – gonna be a long night!

Thanks for reading! *Yawn*

Weekend Wrap Up

I am not working my normal schedule at work, so my days are a bit messed up. The weekend for me, basically consisted of half a Saturday and today. I work Friday overnight and get home Saturday morning about 8am. I slept till about 2pm and Sam woke me up so we could enjoy some family time together.

We’re not to keen on actually going out to dinner, but we ordered out and got food from one of our favorite restaurants. I’m not going to lie – it was nice to sit back and enjoy a great steak at home and be with Sam and the baby for the day (even if it was short).

Sunny Sunday Morning

Sam works tonight, so it was Ella and me today. She was up at 7:30, and after she ate, we went out for a walk in the neighborhood. There were a surprising amount of people up that early. We saw people walking their dogs, people taking out the trash, people riding their bikes, and people just enjoying the sunshine out on their porch reading the paper.

It got pretty hot today, but it was cool when we walked. I figured we should probably get the walk in before it got too hot. Ella just loves to be outside, so when we got home, we sat out on the front porch step and watched cars go by. She gets so excited when that happens. There is a church at the end of our street, so there were plenty of cars for her to watch this morning.

When we came inside to eat, we must have woke Sam up. Sam fed her (and let her play in the apple/strawberry/banana baby food that she didn’t eat). Naturally, she needed a bath afterward! She was obviously tired, and Sam was going back to bed to try to sleep, so she took Ella in the bedroom to nap with her.

I watched a pastor friend of mine from Grand Rapids on Facebook Live teaching on a passage in the book of Colossians until Ella woke up. I usually work Sunday night, too, and sleep most of the day in preparation for being up all night. Thank God for the Internet, as I can tune into pastor friends in my hometown, across the state, out of state, and even out of the country if I want.

“I know what we’re gonna do today…”

In all the time we have had cable TV, I guess I didn’t know we had Disney Channel. That was the channel that was on when I turned the TV on today. Usually, I turn on the TV for background noise, and it is usually on PBS. Sometimes, it is on Nick Jr. because Ella loves Bubble Guppies. Anyway, it was on Disney Channel and I was happy to see that there was a marathon of Phineas and Ferb on this weekend.

I used to watch this with the boys all the time. It was so much fun. If you are not familiar with the show, the entire show happens during the 104 days of Summer Vacation. Each day brings the boys on a new adventure. They are always building something out of this world, their sister tries to get them in trouble with their mom, and their pet platypus is a secret agent who stops an evil scientist from destroying the “tri-state area.” There’s always a musical number in each episode, too. It is a blast to watch.

I’m not sure if they were running them in order, but I know the last episode they showed was the actual series finale. Ella was sleeping in my arms while the last episode (which I had never seen before) played. Call me what you will, but I was totally wrapped up in it. Kudos to Dan Provenmire and Jeff Marsh for creating such an amazing show. Sadly, the entire series is not available on DVD. If it was, I would surely buy it … for Ella to watch …. with daddy….

I never had the chance to when I was doing radio full time, but I had always hoped to get to interview Dan Provenmire (who does the voice of Dr. Doofenshmirtz). I thought it would be cool if he could do my voice mail message – hell, I still wish I could have him do it! I’d love to sit and talk with him about the show. I messaged him on Facebook once and complimented him on the music numbers and he gave me a little insight into what went into that for every episode. Those are thing things I miss about not being in radio anymore – interviewing neat people.

Almost Monday

Ella is sleeping now and the sounds of her sound machine are coming out of the baby monitor next to me. I watched a message from a pastor in Warren about the importance of the Bible and how it will be used in the last days, which was very interesting. One thing the pastor mentioned was how he tries to read through the entire Bible once a year. I really need to find a way to do that.

As I ate my dinner, I watched our cat run back and forth chasing a fly that got in the house. She finally caught it … and ate it. I’m glad I was already done eating. I’m going to take a little trip down to see my dad tomorrow. He’s recovering from knee surgery and I want to make sure he doesn’t need anything done.

One request before I close – I have something brewing that I am hoping might pan out for me. I will be looking into it further this week. If you would be so kind as to pray for me, or send positive vibes, I’d appreciate it very much.

Thanks for reading!

Shake It Up!

I didn’t feel it, as I was driving in to work, but Michigan had an earthquake today. I guess it happened close to 7pm and was a magnitude 3.2 earthquake. Some friends of mine downriver posted about this on Facebook.

I remember being at my grandma’s house one summer and feeling the ground shake a little. We were on the couch watching TV. Later that day, it was all over the news that there was an earthquake.

In 2015 we had a small earthquake here. Not many people felt it. It was almost a joke. People were posting this picture with the caption “We will rebuild” on it!

I realize that earthquakes can be serious and deadly, and I am lucky that I’ve never actually been through a bad one. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like. Every time I hear about an earthquake, I am always reminded of the scene below from Sanford and Son. Fred’s response after it is all over always cracks me up.

The earthquake begins about 48 seconds into the clip. Fred’s reaction at 1:39

Wildfires, Covid-19, Murder Hornets, Earthquakes …. one can only imagine what 2020 has in store for the remainder of the year….