My Father’s Day Weekend

Father’s Day began for me on Saturday morning. We celebrated Saturday because Sam had to work on Sunday.

When I returned home from work, my kids were already up and waiting. Sam had texted me that Ella was anxious for me to come home to get my present. Ella was excited because she had seen something in the store and wanted to get it for me weeks ago. Same ordered it online so it would be here for Father’s Day.

Ella and Andrew got to play with markers (which only happens on special occasions) and decorate the gift bag my gifts would be in. She was so happy to hand me the bag.

She waited for me to reach into the bag and could hardly contain herself. When I pulled out her gift to me, she shrieked with excitement! It was really the perfect gift.

We watch Bluey together all the time. It is probably my favorite cartoon that she watches. Bandit, the dad on the show, is what ALL dad’s should be! He’s awesome. This book is just wonderful. We read it before bed last night. I don’t know who was happier about this book – Ella or me!

Andrew got some help from mommy with his gift. As I have mentioned, I’m an older dad. One of the reasons I started this blog was to write my memories and such so that in the event something happens, the memories are here. Sam took it a step further for Andrews’s gift to me.

I’m not sure who came up with the idea for books like this, but they are great. I had originally gotten one of these for my mom to fill out before she passed. She was just too sick and too tired to ever really do it. I wish she’d been able to do that.

At any rate, there are a lot of thought provoking questions in this book and Sam thought I could take it with me to work and fill it in when I was on breaks and such. I love the idea!

After nap time, the family drove up the road to look for some new pajamas for Ella. She’s starting to not fit in her current ones. We went to the Carter’s store and looked around. She was forever handing Sam and I things for Andrew or herself that she found on a rack somewhere. The funniest thing of the trip was a foreshadowing of Ella in her teen and adult years. She kept asking for shoes and even began to make a pile of ones she wanted!

Just the beginning …..

After our shopping trip we came home and made dinner. I didn’t want Sam to have to take me out anywhere, so we made chicken on the grill. We also made corn on the cob and other sides. It was the perfect way to wrap up the day.

I was out grilling the chicken and I was using a brush to put BBQ sauce on a few of the pieces of chicken.

As I am doing this, Ella is standing there watching me. She see’s me dipping the brush into the BBQ sauce and putting it on the chicken. She then says, “Daddy! You’re painting!” Priceless!

Sam kept telling Ella to say, “Happy Father’s Day” to me and it kept coming out “Happy Mother’s Day” which just made me laugh even more.

On Sunday, or “Father’s Day in real life,” as Bluey might say, we had a wonderful breakfast. I made everyone eggs, sausage, and fruit. Ella stated that it was “Deeee-lish-ous!”

We called my dad to wish him Happy Father’s Day. My oldest son called me to wish me the same. Sadly, I never heard from my second oldest son. That’s a whole blog in itself and I will spare you those details for now.

After Andrew’s nap, I decided to take the kids to the Barnes and Noble. I wasn’t sure that there was anything I wanted for myself, but I though we could pick up some new books for them.

While we were walking Ella and I were just talking. Andrew was in the stroller and Ella was walking next to me. I don’t remember what we were saying, but a woman stopped me and said that she wished she had videoed the exchange we were having. She said she was very impressed with how we were interacting. She reminded me of a teacher or something. Ella then said hello, grabbed a puzzle with dogs on the box and showed the lady.

The lady, without skipping a beat, got down on the ground and they counted dogs together, asked about the colors of the dogs, and talked about what “doggies say.” It was so cool to see. She thanked Ella for showing her and Ella put the puzzle back. The lady was so impressed with how polite Ella was. Proud parent moment.

After we got home, we had lunch. Sam took Andrew into our room when it was his nap time. Sam suggested that since one of the local ice cream places had free cones for dads on Father’s day, we should go. We wound up going somewhere a bit closer, but it still worked out because dads got a free scoop of ice cream there, too!

Ice cream is not exactly on Weight Watchers, but I had some anyway and ate carefully the rest of the day. Ella asked for “white ice cream with sprinkles” and that is what she got!

Dad may or may not have had to help her on occasion because it was melting faster than she could eat it!

She talked to everyone who came to the ice cream place! She recommended getting banana ice cream to many, even though she was eating vanilla. She was a real hoot. The owner came out and asked how her ice cream was and she said it was the “best ice cream ever!”

After the ice cream, dad decided to walk the neighborhood. Sunday, she didn’t want to ride in the stroller. So we walked together. The workout was a bit less intense than I had hoped.

About half way through the walk she tripped and skinned her knee pretty bad. So I wound up picking her up and finishing the walk with her on my shoulders. That brought the heart rate up a bit and I probably burned off about half of the ice cream calories!

When Sam left for work, it was just me and the kids. We were playing on the “nugget” and having a blast. Andrew was climbing up like nobody’s business. Once he was on the top, he would start to walk off it. Most of the time, I was there to catch him. There were a couple times where he’d do this little stuntman fall. He is fearless!

Thank you to my wife and my kids for making the weekend such a special one for me!

The Miracle Cure

Over the last couple weeks, Ella has experienced her share of bumps and bruises.

Those include:

  • Falling off the couch/chair
  • Pinching her finger in her folding step stool
  • Hitting herself with a toy
  • Running fast and falling on the floor
  • Stubbing her toe
  • Dropping books on her feet
  • Shutting the refrigerator door on her fingers

The list goes on and on. Some of the more serious “boo boo’s” bring tears. Most of them don’t make her cry at all. This week alone, she has had “boo boo elbows,” “boo boo fingers,” “boo boo feet,” and “boo boo hair!” The miracle cure for all of these – a simple kiss.

I am sure I did it with my older boys, and it was probably second nature to say, “Let me kiss it and make it better.” I’ve kissed a lot of “boo boo elbows” in my time as a dad, and I am sure there are more boo boos to come. I am always amazed at how kissing a boo boo can stop the tears.

“All better!” Ella will say that after I have kissed the “boo boo of the hour” and run off to continue playing. The boo boos seem to be coming more and more frequently, and that is ok. It is one of those very special moments that I love sharing with her – and I kinda feel like her hero afterwards.

I am sure my dad and mom kissed my boo boos, too, but I don’t recall many of those instances. What I do remember is how my grandma would “fix” them. My grandma was Catholic. I remember one time I fell and conked my head pretty good. I had a huge bump on my forehead. Grandma’s remedy was a butter knife!

My grandma took that butter knife and pressed on the bump with it horizontally and then vertically, making a cross. To her, she was making the “sign of the cross,” on it, which in turn healed it. All I really remember it doing was making it hurt more until she removed the knife. There may have been a time where my grandpa did this, too.

As silly as it sounds, I love the fact that kissing a boo boo makes everything right! A “Boo Boo Kiss” is truly a miracle cure! Wouldn’t it be amazing if all it took to make the chaos of the world better was a simple boo boo kiss?

Ice On. Ice Off.

I debated whether or not to write about this. Then I realized that I’ve already shared quite a bit of personal stuff with you already, so what’s one more thing?

As I stated in my previous blog, I am home recovering from a minor surgical procedure (Somewhere hidden in this blog is a hint as to what procedure). I was discharged a few hours after it was finished and told to go home and rest. Specifically, lay in bed for 48-72 hours and keep activity to a minimum.

One of the hardest parts of the discharge is no heavy lifting. When I asked the doc to define heavy lifting, he said no more than 15 pounds. Well, AJ is 17 pounds, so I can’t even lift him up! Because of this, Sam has been running ragged all week!

I usually help with dishes and laundry, but I haven’t been able to help with anything! It’s driving me nuts! I just want to be up and moving. I want to help. Sam keeps yelling at me to get back to bed. She knows that if I overdue it, she’ll be rushing me to ER or something. Lol.

I am up about every 20 minutes. The reason is that I have to ice the area for 20 minutes, then remove the ice for 20 minutes, then ice it again for 20 minutes. It’s pretty crazy. This is supposed to be keeping the swelling down.

Sam bought a couple ice packs for me and also a couple bags of frozen peas. I guess these work well as ice packs….who knew?! So every 20 minutes, I get up and grab an ice pack or frozen peas and return to my bed.

It’s absolutely killing me that I can’t pick up the kids! I love holding AJ and walking around the house singing to him. I love picking up Ella and rough housing with her. She loves when I throw her on our bed. It will be a week or so before I can so either. It also means I will need help when Sam goes back to work, as I can’t lift either to get them into their beds.

Ella knows that daddy has a boo boo and has to stay in bed. She comes over to the bedroom doorway and says, “Hi daddy. What doing?”. That makes me smile. I tell her I’m looking at my beautiful little girl and she says, “Ok” and goes back out to the living room. Sometimes I can coax her into coming up to the edge of the bed and giving me a kiss before she walks away.

I have a portable DVD player that I use for my classes which I felt might be on the verge of dying. It may have. I set it up to watch a DVD and it won’t play.

We have a DVD player and a TV on the dresser in our room, but we haven’t used it in forever. I hunted down some batteries for the remotes, and got it working. So while Sam was off doing something for work, I sat at watched a few shows in preparation for my next pick for the TV Show Draft.

Let me say, Sam has been absolutely amazing. She has been on the go since I’ve been home. It is difficult enough to juggle the needs of two little ones, and then you factor in that her big, dumb husband is laid up in bed needing her every once in a while. She has treated me like a king (bringing me food, drink, and ice) and also like a peasant – yelling at me to get back in bed when I am doing something I’m not supposed to.

She actually said to me last night that I’m doing better than she had expected. I asked her what she meant. She reminded me of just how awful I am when I get sick. If I have a “man cold” or the flu, well, I’m kind of unbearable. Everything hurts. I get weak and am – a big baby!

She really anticipated me moaning and groaning in bed and acting like a baby after this. I guess I have been tolerable. Is there pain? Yes. Is there swelling? Yes. Is it sometimes difficult to walk? Yes. Is using the bathroom a challenge? YES! But, I’m getting through it.

By Saturday or Sunday, I should be almost 100%. I should have little pain and be able to walk around fine. I will be able to drive and by Tuesday, I’ll be back to work. I will still have to be careful with how much I lift, which stinks, but it won’t be long and I’ll be throwing Ella on the bed again.

Thanks for reading….

Your friend, Snipsey Russell.