Three Birthday Tributes


Today I would like to salute three of my closest friends.  I guess, in a way, I am taking the easy way out by including all three of them in one blog.  I am doing it this way because they all celebrate birthdays this month.  So here are some thoughts on three great guys.

Joe – October 15

Joe is my Polish brother.  He says that I am his Italian brother.  The great Red Buttons used to joke that “there is only one difference between the Polish and the Italians – One year of high school!”  We truly are like brothers.  Joe and I met in junior high school.  We had band 1st hour.  It was in this class that I also met Steve K, who you will hear about shortly.  We all hit it off immediately, and have been friends ever since.

In high school, I used to pick Joe up and drive him to school.  He used to run out of the house with a bowl of cereal in his hand.  I remember that cereal was Fruit Islands.  They don’t make it anymore, but the commercials had some guy saying “Ayumma yumma”.  Not sure why, but I will always remember that.

All of the guys I am talking about were in band.  Steve K, Joe, and I all graduated the same year.  Steve M, graduated before us.  Joe and I were band officers.  We were both librarians.  That meant we were responsible for all the music.  We copied it and made sure the parts were placed in the right folders for band members.  Our senior year, Joe was head librarian and I was band president.  We spent many hours after school working on music and hanging with the band director and custodian.  We were probably more of an annoyance than anything!

Bill, the custodian, was such a cool guy!  He invited us to his wedding!  We used to pick a day and he would make sure not to bring lunch that day.  We’d order a pizza from Sorrento’s and eat it in the band room.  We’d sit around telling stories and laughing.  Such fun times!

There was a brief period where I switched from trumpet to tuba.  Joe was the lone tuba player.  I played tuba at the commencement ceremonies for the class of 87, and then played it briefly for marching band.  I was asked by the band director to switch back to trumpet.  He said we needed more trumpets – but now that I think about it, maybe I was just a real crappy tuba player!

It seems like Joe and I have been golfing and bowling together for as long as I can remember.  I remember bowling at this little hole in the wall dump in St. Clair Shores with Joe.  It was always such fun there, and we are still friends with many of the folks we met there.  Eventually we joined a league at Pastime Lanes.  It was there we made more friendships, and I watched him bowl a 300 game.  Pastime is long gone, but we still have many memories there.

Steve K, Joe and I all golfed for Senior Skip Day.  Steve borrowed our buddy Wayne’s golf clubs.  On the first tee, he hit the ball, but the club head broke off the driver.  The club head went farther than the damn golf ball!  Joe and I laughed like hell!  One time Joe and I were golfing in Lapeer and there was an electrical wire that went across the fairway.  What are the odds that one of us would hit that?  Joe did.  He teed off – it hit the wire and dropped like a stone in the fairway.

We used to play pinochle over at Joe’s parents house till all hours of the night.  Their house was just one of many houses that hosted pinochle nights.  Eventually, he and his sister moved into their own place and the card games moved there.  We’d sit around drinking Bud Light listening to 580 CKWW or WCXI and play cards all night.  So many nights of crazy conversations about music, movies, and TV.

Steve M – October 19

Steve and I had probably met before, but we really got to know each other because of Alumni Band.  I remembered that alumni had played once or twice at homecoming while I was still in school.  When I graduated, I wanted to make sure that the tradition continued.  So I bugged the band director and we threw it together.  The first year was a small group.  The second year it was a little bigger. It was a way for us to get together and play and have fun.

Steve and I hit it off immediately.  We both were trumpet players.  I knew his younger brother, Jeff, because he was my brother’s age.  He was also a DJ and did weddings and we loved to talk music.  He hosted some alumni band BBQ’s and was a key part in the success of the group.

I am not sure exactly how we ended up DJing together.  I think it was because he had a light show and I didn’t.  I brought him along and we ended up having so much fun, we kept doing it.  Little by little we added things to the gigs we did.  We both did this stupid Blues Brothers intro to kick off dancing.  I had this bad Elvis wig and would go out and sing to a female wedding guest (story about the wig in a sec).  We had blow up instruments and silly cardboard things we’d hold up while we danced.  We had a friggin blast!!

One time, Steve had his truck backed into the garage.  He had the tailgate glass up and I went inside to comb the Elvis wig down.  I used to put it on my head and comb it down before I put it on this stupid Styrofoam head I had.  I was in his bathroom combing and I heard the truck start and all of a sudden a huge crash.  I walked to the door of the garage and saw that the tailgate glass had caught the garage door and shattered all over the place.  I stood there, wearing that dumb wig, and asked what happened.  At the time, it wasn’t funny (It was raining, we were running late, when we got the gig, Steve had forgotten his shoes, so I went to Kmart to buy him a pair, it was a mess!).  We look back now and Steve will still laugh, “You were standing there wearing the King’s hair!”  After weddings, it was tradition to grab White Castle hamburgers!  Some of my favorite gigs were DJing for cancer benefits or VFW steak outs. When Steve M was living in his apartment, his crazy neighbor (who we called Fruit Loops) used to always come out when we were loading or unloading for DJ gigs.  I wonder what happened to her….LOL

Steve M, Steve K, Joe, and I spent many nights singing karaoke.  We used to have so much fun.  We’d go to these two dive bars – McGee’s and Grady’s.  We’d drink, sing songs and laugh like hell.  We all had specific songs we used to do.  We used to have these guys who’d get up and sing that we’d make fun of.  There was a guy who looked and sounded like Bela Lugosi!  He’d sing Let Me Call You Sweetheart with that accent!  Then there was “Opera Man”.  We called him that because every song he sang, he’d sing it like he was one of the Three Tenors! I would sing harmony for Steve M on Losing My Religion a lot.  We’d have such a fun time!  Now, he is actually hosting karaoke every week at a few places.  I’m over due to get out and sing!

Steve K – October 28

Steve and I became friends in junior high, in the same class as Joe.  Here’s the thing – we almost didn’t stay friends.  Admittedly, we all kind of picked on Steve.  We razzed him – a lot.  Steve and I both played trumpet.  Now I am not sure why he found my trumpet to be better than his.  I do know that he would often switch his with mine.  Well, one day he was walking in the band room and he dropped “his” horn and bent the bell.  I laughed.  We all did.  I probably said something like “You idiot!  Nice job!” or something like that.  He looked at me sheepishly while I laughed and said, “Uh, Keith….this is YOUR trumpet.”  My laughter stopped and I grabbed him by the throat!  Our band director, Mr. Mest, came running over and pulled us both into the office.

Steve and I were in 2nd hour with each other.  After the “incident” we went to the next class.  I was still upset about the whole thing and kept egging him on throughout the class.  I was calling him names, and just being an ass.  He finally got up and walked over to me as I was talking to our buddy Warren.  He grabbed the desk I was sitting in and literally flipped it over – with me still in it!  It totally took me by surprise! Needless to say, we both were sent to the office.  I don’t know if detention was given or not, but I know we both got “yellow slips”.  This was bad, I just don’t know or remember how bad.

I think our dad’s ended up having to talk to each other about the incident and arrangements were made to take care of the horn. I think we both got a “talking to” by our dads and we stayed friends.  We always seemed to be together.  We sat next to each other in band for as long as I can remember.  I often call Steve “Norton” because he reminded me so much to Ed Norton on the Honeymooners.  He’d say some of the silliest things.  We’d laugh all the time.  That Senior Skip Day, he even golfed like Norton did in that episode of the Honeymooners!

The only real time I got in trouble in band class was with Steve.  The other trumpets always waited for us to bring up our horns.  They never seemed to count the rests.  So Steve and I were talking and saying “Let’s bring up our horns early and fool those guys.”  Well, we were rehearsing for band festival and the band director was in no mood for jokes.  He stopped the music and asked what we were talking about.  When I told him he simply pointed to the door and said “Bye.”  We were told to wait until after rehearsal and then talk to him afterward.  We both felt like crap.  You just didn’t tick off the band director – not when festival was the next day!  We were allowed back to rehearsal shortly afterward, but we both still felt stupid!

We’d spend hours in the car driving around.  I would make “driving tapes” and we’d pile in and spend the night driving around the neighborhood.  We’d cruise Gratiot and look at girls.  We’d drive with the windows down, jamming to our favorite songs and singing at the top of our lungs.  We’d harmonize to Huey Lewis & the News, Jerry Lee Lewis, Frankie Ford, and so many other artists.  It was what we did!

He was with me when I got my first speeding ticket (on my way to Sam’s Jams) and he was with me when I had my first car accident.  I was driving in my ’79 Caprice Classic (ok, my dad’s ’79 Caprice Classic) and it had rained.  I was going to his house to drop him off.  I made the left turn and the roads were wet.  I began to go into a skid (rear wheel drive).  I remembered Driver’s Ed class “turn into the skid”, and I did.  Too bad I was literally in front of a parked car when I turned into the skid.  I slammed into the front of this car!  Steve’s mom called my dad.  I was in shock.  I knew I was a dead man.  My dad drove over and walked right past me and looked at the car.  I heard him mumble under his breath “There’s about $1500 worth of damage here.”  I later said, “You didn’t ask about me at all!” to which my dad replied, “I saw you standing there – I knew you were ok!”

I don’t recall if it was our senior year or not, but we had a band trip to Cedar Point.  I am not a ride person.  Steve, me and Chris walked around most of the day probably looking at girls.  We stumbled on this “You Be the Star” booth.  This was LONG before karaoke was a thing.  You went into a sound booth, put headphones on and sang to an instrumental track of a song.  Then, you got a cassette tape of your recording.  I think we did Twist and Shout, Steve did Mack the Knife (which would become his karaoke theme song), and we all did Hip to Be Square by Huey Lewis.  The song had just come out and he said he knew it, so he sang lead on it.  Chris and I sang the “Hip.  Hip.  So Hip to be Square” lines in the background.  I think I may still have that tape!

At my graduation party, my dad and some of his band buddies set up and played music at the party.  My dad had typed up the lyrics to Weird Al’s parody of La Bamba (Lasagna) and his band played it while me, Joe and Steve all sang it.  Steve was leaving to go to basic training soon after we graduated.  It was sad to know my buddy was going to be leaving.  I’m not sure what happened, but he never ended up staying in the navy.  He did, however, move to one of the Carolinas for awhile.  I’d get in trouble for long distance calls to him talking about stupidity…LOL.  He would tell me all about these silly sweepers he’d hear on a station called The Frog out there!

When he moved back to Michigan, Steve also used to DJ with me.  He would bring these crazy songs I had never heard before and want me to play them.  Sometimes they’d work, sometimes they didn’t.  One day, Steve M and I were DJing at the VFW right by Steve K’s house.  He came to the event.  He was dancing like crazy on the dance floor.  I think his wife wanted to go home and he wanted to stay.  She left and went home.  He had to call her later to come pick him back up because while he was out on the floor dancing he split his pants!  Typical Steve.  Stuff like that happened to him all the time!  That is one of my favorite Steve stories.

He was always my pinochle partner when we played with my grandparents (and when we played with Tonya, Michelle and the gang).  You could always count on him having the Ace of Clubs!  A trickless is when you and your partner take every possible trick in the hand.  Steve and I pulled one against my grandparents once.  It pissed my grandpa (who was very competitive) off!  The next hand, we pulled another one!  That was the end of the card playing that night!  Grandpa was done!  Somewhere, I still have the yellow legal pad with those back to back trickless hands written on it!

One day, we were all playing cards at Tonya’s house and the “F You’s” were flying around the table.  Steve meant to say, “F You and the horse you rode in on”, but instead said “the horse you rode on in.”  I am not sure why that made us all laugh so hard, but it did.  To this day, I say it wrong – because of Steve!  I am sure I could devote an entire blog to some of the silly things Steve has said.

He recently had a stroke.  That being said, he is recovering well.  I have to tell you though, when I heard the news I was scared!  This is my buddy and I can’t imagine not having him around.  When I went to the hospital to see him, I was like all emotional.  I hid it very well, but here is a guy, one of my closest friends,  who was my age (not even 50!) and this happened to him.  I was happy that he was ok, and that the prognosis was good, but just knowing that it could have been a very different outcome freaked me out.  It was an eye opening experience.  I guess that’s why I am writing this blog.

I want these three guys to know how glad I am to have their friendship.  We all share a love of music.  We all have the same taste in movies.  We all love a funny joke or pun. We have all shared silly conversations, as well as deep serious conversations.  I have one blood brother, but I am blessed to have these guys as brothers and friends.  In 30+ years, I have been lucky enough to share laughter and tears with these guys.  All of them stood up in my first wedding and I stood up in Joe’s and Steve K’s weddings.  We can go months without chatting and then pick right up where we left off.  Conversations always include laughter, movie quotes, and a whole lot of love.

Even though two of them have already celebrated theirs, and one is a few days away – Happy Birthday, Boys.  I love you guys!  Thank you for being such amazing friends for so many years!

Wedding Page 3

Joe, my brother Chris, Me, Steve M. Jeff, and Steve K at my first wedding.


Beers are overdue!









The Most Important Meal of the Day


Today is National Cereal Day.  To be honest, I didn’t know there was such a thing, but it doesn’t surprise me.  There are all kinds of “National Days” that you can keep track of at: .

Now that I am an adult, I tend to eat cereals that are “good for you”.  In other words, the cereals that kids will rarely eat because there isn’t enough sugar.  I guess that isn’t exactly true, because some of the cereals I eat have some sweetness to them – Honey Nut Cheerios, Frosted Mini-Wheats, and Life are good examples.  I always referred to cereals like Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Cheerios, Rice Chex, and Raisin Bran as “adult cereals” because if you were going to eat them – you almost always had to add sugar.  Cracklin’ Oat Bran has some sweetness to it, but it is also a “bran” cereal, so that puts it on the “adult cereal” list for me.

Adult Cereal

The worst “adult” cereal I ever tried was recommended by my doctor.  I was doing Weight Watchers and I needed to up my Fiber intake.  He suggested Fiber One.  If there is a cereal that is worse than that, I’d like to know!  This stuff was just awful!  It tasted like pieces of cardboard and you could put the entire bowl of sugar in it and it wouldn’t help!

Hot cereals also need to be placed on the “adult” cereal list for me.  I do love oatmeal – maple and brown sugar is my favorite – but, again it falls in the “healthy” category.  I used to hate when mom made Malt-O-Meal.  I am not sure why, I just didn’t like it.  It fell into the same category as Cream of Wheat.  Oh sure, now you can but flavored Cream of Wheat and Malt-O-Meal, but originally, there was one flavor – yuk.  The only hot cereal that was kind of ok for us was CoCo Wheats.  It sort of tasted like chocolate….and sort of like dirt.


Kids Cereals

Watching Saturday morning cartoons, there was no shortage of cereal commercials.  These ads were designed for kids, despite the disclaimer “a part of this nutritious breakfast.”  As a kid I hated going grocery shopping!  The only part I loved was going down the cereal aisle.  Those Saturday morning ads would replay in your head as you saw each box.  We drove my mom and dad crazy in that aisle!

Back in the day, there used to be cool toys in the cereal boxes.  The toys were also designed to get you to buy the cereal and collect the toys.  Rest assured, if your cereal had a crappy toy (or worse – no toy), it did not have a place in our grocery cart!  I collected many cars, spoons that changed color in milk, tops, tattoos, plastic rocket launchers, joke books, flimsy records, whistles and more from those cereals growing up!

Some of the sugar cereals we used to get were Sugar Corn Pops, Honeycomb, Frosted Flakes, Sugar Smacks and Sugar Crisp (which both eventually had the word “sugar” removed from their name and became Honey Smacks and Goldern Crisp), Cookie Crisp, and Cocoa Puffs.  I remember some of the great mascots for these, too!  There was a cowboy with a big yellow hat for Sugar Corn Pops, Sonny was the bird who was “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs”, Tony the Tiger for Frosted Flakes, and Dig’em the Frog and Sugar Bear!


My Favorites

There was no shortage of “fruit” flavored cereals.  I loved almost all of them!  Trix and Fruit Loops were basically the same cereal in different shapes.  The Trix rabbit was always being told that “Trix were for kids.”  Fruit Loops had Toucan Sam was the bird who told us to “follow his nose” to find the cereal.

Apple Jacks remain one of my favorite cereals. It was an Apple Cinnamon cereal that was loop-shaped.  Originally, the cereal was all orange, but they have since added green loops to it.  I don’t know that I would call them mascots, but I do remember the Apple Jacks Kids from commercials.  This is one of those cereals I can eat in milk or dry and by the handful!


Staying with the “fruit” theme – I still love a huge bowl of Fruity Pebbles!  Their mascot was Fred Flintstone.  In the commercials, Barney was always trying to trick Fred out of his cereal (“Barney, my Pebbles!”).  Seriously, I could probably eat an entire box in one sitting.  I love it!


I remember Alpha-Bits, too!  They were shaped like all the letters in the alphabet.  You would try to spell words on your spoon as you ate breakfast.  I haven’t had them in years, but I bet they still are delicious!

Lucky Charms was basically Alpha-Bits with marshmallows.  Lucky the Leprechaun was the mascot and the cereal was “Magically delicious!”  Originally, there were only 4 marshmallows – pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers. There are like 8 of them now!


Cap’n Crunch was another cereal that was popular.  There was the original (which always chewed up the inside of your mouth), Peanut Butter Crunch, and Crunch Berries.  Crunch Berries were (and still are) my favorite.  The berries were so popular, they even put out a box of “Oops – All Berries” once.


I will always love the “monster” cereals!  It seemed like we always had these.  I was a fan of Count Chocula (made the milk turn chocolate – like Cocoa Puffs and Cocoa Pebbles), my brother was a big fan of Boo Berry (Blueberry goodness), and I loved FrankenBerry (loved the strawberry taste of this one)!  I remember their commercials on Saturday mornings and there was always some cool monster toy in the box.  There were two other monster cereals that came and went – one was Fruit Brute (which was cherry flavored and had a werewolf for the mascot) and Fruity Yummy Mummy (generic fruit flavor and a mummy mascot).


Gone but not forgotten

There were some cereals that I remember from my childhood that are no longer around.  I wish they were!  I can’t remember what these taste like, but I remember them – how about you:

Mt. T Cereal




Grins & Smiles & Giggles & Laughs


Fruit Islands – the guy in the ads always said “A Yumma Yumma!”


Crazy Cow – I LOVED this one!!!crazycow

C-3PO’s (cashing in on Star Wars, obviously)





I have always been a big fan of maple syrup.   I love waffles too, so when this came out, I had to try it and I remember loving it!

In Closing

Grab a bowl, your favorite cereal, and some milk and chow down in honor of National Cereal Day!  What cereals did I forget to mention?  What ones do you remember growing up?  What ones do you wish were still being made?