A COVID Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2020 is now a memory. It was very different from Thanksgivings of the past, to be sure. It was, however, a very wonderful day!

Thursday – Turkey Day

Ella was up bright and early! I had to put the turkey in water to finish thawing it. We got her dressed and ready for her “First Thanksgiving” pictures, which came out great!

Once the turkey was thawed, prepped and in the oven, I realized our meat thermometer was broken. The last thing I wanted to do was head to the store. I didn’t even know if there were stores open! I lucked out and the little grocery store down the road was open. I walked over to the aisle with the kitchen stuff, only to find that all the meat thermometers were gone. Someone had even stolen some from the packaging and left the open package on the hook.

I went to the deli and asked if there would be any other place in the store that there might be a meat thermometer. She said no. I began to walk out of the store when a guy tapped me on the shoulder. He asked if I was looking for a meat thermometer, and I said yes! He had one in his hand and told me to follow him. He explained that they had just moved to the area and they actually had one, but they couldn’t find it because it was still packed in a box. He said it was his only reason for being in the store! He took me over to the candy aisle, where there was a small rotating rack with a few kitchen utensils on it – and two meat thermometers! I was so grateful! He wished me a happy Thanksgiving and we parted ways.

While I let the turkey cool, Sam finished up the mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. Ella sat in her high chair and anxiously awaited her first feast!

By the time she finished, she was wearing her meal! She had mashed potatoes in her ears, her nose, and her eyes!! She really enjoyed her dinner!!

Thanksgiving was typical in that the Detroit Lions lost miserably! This led to the GM and head coach being fired. One can only hope that someone will finally hire the right people. I would love to see them reach the Super Bowl (and hopefully win one) in my lifetime!

Friday – Black Friday

I am not a Black Friday shopper! However, I was this year – not by choice! I needed to get tires for our car. I shopped around getting prices and found that Belle Tire had some Black Friday rebates, and had the best deal. I used to go to this mom and pop tire place who did great work, and had great prices, but sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic has put them permanently out of business.

I was shocked at the line of people waiting to get in at 7am! I was lucky to be fourth in line and I was in and out in just over an hour! Kudo to those folks!

When I returned home Friday, I checked off another project I had on my list. We bought some canvas pictures to hang in the baby’s room months ago. They have been sitting in the box, awaiting me to hang them. Before I went to pick up my son, I measured it all out and got them hung up on the wall. I just love these pictures!

We spent the evening last night watching Christmas movies. My son and my wife had both mentioned that the sequel to The Christmas Chronicles was now on Netflix. We had all enjoyed the first one (Kurt Russell stars in it) and we decided to watch the first one again before watching the second. I found that I still enjoyed the first one very much. I can see it easily becoming a Christmas tradition.

Recurring Dream With a Twist

I am closing in on test time for my Bible classes. I have a week’s worth of classes to finish and then four tests to take! I mentioned this to my wife, so it must have been on my mind when I went to bed. At any rate, I often have a recurring dream where I am at school and I sit down to take a test and my mind goes completely blank! I panic! I freak! I usually wake up with my heart racing.

So I had a dream last night that was similar. Sure enough, I am sitting in a classroom (which is odd because my classes are on DVD and I take them at home) and the teacher passes out the tests. The first thing I notice is that the tests are about 45 pages stapled together! I open the test and I can’t even read the thing. I turn the page and there are some words I can make out, but nothing makes sense. With each page turn, I feel more and more scared. I have no idea what I am looking at! I begin to pull my notes out and try to cheat!! The teacher comes over and obviously has caught me . Needless to say, I wake up at this point with heart racing and glad it was just a dream!

Now I’m wondering how hard these tests are going to be!!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday!!

Turkey Projects …

Something came up in my Facebook Memories yesterday and it reminded me of a Thanksgiving project both of my sons did in school. I want to say that they did them in Kindergarten or First Grade. Each child is given a picture of turkey and they have to disguise the turkey so he/she will survive Thanksgiving.

When my oldest son, Dante’, did his project, he was a big fan of The Incredibles movie. He wanted to make his turkey like Mr. Incredible. I remember using felt to make the costume. We also used red and black feathers to match the outfit. As great as it turned out, I remember what a pain it was to get the mask right and to get the “i” in the middle of the costume to stay in place.

Five years later, my youngest son, Dimitri, was given the same project to do. I remember thinking, “How do we top the Incredible Turkey?” Eventually, we decided that this was going to be one groovy turkey. We decided he was going to dress up like he was going to a 1970’s Disco! I remember we had a bag of felt from other projects and I found some tan felt to make an afro. It wasn’t easy to cut, but I made a peace sign necklace out of the same red felt we used for the Incredible Turkey.

I’m sure Dante’ made other “turkey” themed projects, but I can’t seem to find the pictures. One of Dimitri’s still moves me to tears when I see it. Both boys have always been “mama’s boys,” so I was really surprised when I saw this project hanging on his locker one year…

“I am thankful for my dad” – Dimitri

Then there was this note from Dimitri to Dante’.

“Dear Dante’, I want to thank you for helping me with my homework I really apresheate (appreciate) it and thanks for playing every time I ask you are the best brother ever!”

I sent this to both boys today on Facebook. Dimitri laughed at his spelling error. I really hope that they can look back and always remember how good they were to each other.

I look forward to Turkey Projects and holiday themed projects from Ella when she starts school. I’m sure they will bring about smiles, laughter, joy , and tears.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am so thankful for my children and grateful for my family!