Place your bets …

“Show me a gambler and I’ll show you a loser” – Mario Puzo

Man's hands move the winnings casino chips on red table.

This is the first year I didn’t have any “squares” for the Super Bowl.  I am sure I could have purchased some.  Some friends on Facebook posted that they had some available, the issue was getting them the money (let alone the fact that money is pretty tight right now anyway!).  I usually get a square or two from a few people every year.  Since I began working on Sundays, I rarely go to Super Bowl parties, and the opportunity to get squares seems to be more difficult.

I was first introduced to foot ball squares when I bowled on a Sunday morning league.  I bowled at a small place called Pastime Lanes.  It was a cool place because the owners were awesome and everybody pretty much knew everybody.  I watched my buddy Joe bowl a 300 game there!  We were usually done bowling by 1 in the afternoon, and during football season, many of us went into the bar afterward to eat and watch the game.  It didn’t matter if it was the home team (Detroit Lions) playing or not.


The above picture is what a typical “board” would look like.  Each square cost $5 or $10 and you’d buy however many you wanted.  After all the squares were filled, numbers were drawn and filled in on the top and side.  Each side of the board was also assigned a team.  The numbers would correspond with the score at the end of each quarter.  For example if the Lions were on the left and the Patriots were on the top, and the score at the end of the first quarter was Patriots 14 – Lions 0, you would find the 4 on the top and the 0 on the left and the winner is …Chaz Mee.  I never got rich off the squares, but hitting for $50 every so often was nice.  A buddy of mine on Facebook hit a square for $2000 during the Super Bowl (that’s a lot of diapers!)!

I wouldn’t consider myself a big gambler.  I will buy an occasional “instant” scratch off ticket when I pump gas.  I will also play the daily 3 digit every so often.  When I play the 3 digit, it is often the birthdays of my boys and my wife, my anniversary, and my old license plate number – 596.  Sometimes, I win, but most often I lose.


Gambling is something many take seriously!  You can literally bet on anything!  The morning show on one of the stations I work at was talking about the list of “prop bets” people were making on the Super Bowl.  It was crazy stuff!  I had never heard the term “prop bet” before.  For those who don’t know what it is it is defined this way on Wikipedia: in gambling, a “proposition bet” (prop bet, prop, novelty, or a side bet) is a bet made regarding the occurrence or non-occurrence during a game (usually a gambling game) of an event not directly affecting the game’s final outcome.

Prop bets can be:

  • Who will win the coin toss?
  • How long the national anthem will be?
  • Who will score first?
  • Will a quarterback score a touchdown?
  • Will there be more than 50 points in the game

They can also be on silly things like:

  • What color microphone will be used by the singer of the national anthem?
  • Will Betty White appear in a Snickers ad?
  • Will a player use a “prop” during a TD celebration?
  • Who will show cleavage during the halftime show?
  • Who will win the Puppy Bowl?
  • What color liquid will be poured on the winning coach?

I’m sure that there are crazier things than the above that people bet on during the game.  I’ll stick to squares…

Baby Bets

We didn’t wager for any money on this one, but I did go to my Facebook family and friends and ask when they thought our baby would be due.


I didn’t make a cute chart like the above picture, but I do have all the guesses on a spreadsheet.  As each day passes, we get closer to the due date (2/16).  My wife guessed 2/20.  She liked the idea of her birthday being 2/20/20.  I liked the idea of 2’s, as well, so my pick was 2/2/20 (without really thinking about the palindrome thing).  Needless to say, I am officially out of the running now.  It would have been cool to tell her “Daddy, knew what day you were going to be born!”  With each passing day, I cross of the day and the people who guessed it.  Only two of my friends actually picked the actual due date.

Despite the fact that she picked the 20th, my wife is MORE than ready for the baby to be here.  I am sure she will not mind at all being wrong about the arrival date! We are Week 38 today and if she waits until the due date, it is going to be a LONG and MISERABLE two weeks!

The wait continues … maybe I can come up with some prop bets??

  • Will Dad pass out during the delivery?
  • How many nurses will be in the room?
  • How many hours of labor?
  • Which eye will I get punched in by my wife?
  • Will I use left or right hand to cut the cord?
  • Will Daddy cry?

Ok, the last one is a SURE bet!!!


33 Days – ish

The Countdown Continues ….


As of today, we are 33 days away from the baby’s due date. Sam is 35 weeks (and three days) along. It’s hard to believe that we are that close! At our OB/GYN appointment on Friday, he grabbed the ultrasound wand and said he wanted to see if she was “getting into position.” He placed it on Sam’s belly and basically said, “Where is she?” We watched the screen, wondering ourselves. He found her, low and in position. He told us that she had dropped and was pretty much ready to come whenever she felt like it!

I’ve been spending some time in the book that they gave us in our childbirth classes.


In flipping through the pages, there are a lot of things to remember, that I will probably forget! Remember, I’ve never had to go through the “natural” thing before, because both of my sons were born via C-section. Water breaking, counting contractions, and so many other things are all new to me. Even the teacher of the class said “This class is pretty much for the birthing coaches!” I’ve coached T-ball before, but I am sure this is fairly different, except for that both need a catchers mitt…I think.

We have some things in our hospital bag, so I guess that’s a good thing! There is a checklist and as I went through it with Sam, there was a lot of “we’re going to get that this weekend” and “we should get that in order”. I still need to download a “Contraction Counting” App on my phone. It is an app that when a contraction starts, you hit “start” and when it ends, you hit “stop”. It calculates how far apart they are and basically tells you “Get to the hospital, dummy!”


Baby Bets

Sam told me that even though the baby is due on February 16 (my grandpa’s birthday), she would love for her to be born on the 20th. 2-20-2020. Cool? Sure it is! I, however, think she will be here earlier than that. Sam asked for a date. I really didn’t have one, so I opted for 2-2-2020. Still the same number of 2’s in there. We then went to Facebook. I basically asked for folks to tell us when THEY thought she might arrive (and for duplicate dates – we asked for a weight to break any tie).

The response was overwhelming. Many friends offered their picks for Ella’s birthday. Basically, I found that:

  • More people picked Sam’s choice than mine.
  • The earliest guess – is TODAY (1/14)!
  • The latest guess is February 27.
  • The most chosen day is Valentine’s Day (I hope it isn’t. I kinda want her to have her own day)
  • Only two people picked her actual due date as being her arrival day.

It’s been fun to see how our friends are excited for this. A few of them actually wrote back and changed dates or weights citing reasons for the changes. It’s like betting in Vegas!!


What does the correct winner receive? A Facebook and blog mention and “something cheap from me. Like a cup of coffee.” HA!


Keg, Cards, and Diapers

So, I guess this is a thing – diaper parties. A week from Saturday (I still have to send out Facebook invites), my brother in law and sister in law are letting a bunch of my friends come over to their house to drink beer, eat, play cards, watch sports, play video games, and basically “be guys”. The only thing the guys have to bring is a bag/box of diapers for the baby.

I am always looking for an excuse to hang out with my friends, so I am hoping that many can make it. Many of my friends live out of town, and some are a bit closer (about an hour away). It’s been quite a while since the gang has got together, so I am looking forward to the possibility of them all coming and hanging out.

A quick look online and there are some funny names for it on diaper party invites:

  • Huggies for Chuggies
  • Pints, Pizza, and Pampers
  • Pampers and Poker
  • Please bring diapers. They are the Poo-fect gift!
  • Diapers for dad
  • Cover my baby’s rear and enjoy some FREE beer!

The beer will be free. Maybe that’s all I need to get them to show up?


One guy posted his haul from his diaper party in the picture above. I guess his friends feel he’ll need the booze to cope! LOL