Childhood Celebrity Crushes

Today’s blog comes from a daily writing prompt. While this topic has often come up in conversations with friends over the years, I’m surprised I’ve never written about it. The prompt: “Did you have a Celebrity Crush growing up?” If I am being honest, I had a few. Sometimes, the only reason I watched a specific TV show was because of the celebrity crush.

I am guessing that many of these gals made the lists of many young men. I guess you’d call many of them sex symbols. Here is my list:

Lynda Carter – Wonder Woman

Marilu Henner – Taxi

Jaclyn Smith – Charlie’s Angels

Catherine Bach – The Dukes of Hazzard

Nancy McKeon – Facts of Life

Erin Gray – Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Christina Applegate – Married With Children

Olivia Newton John – Grease

Marisa Tomei – My Cousin Vinny

Carrie Fisher – Star Wars

Tiffani Thiessen – Saved By The Bell

Paula Abdul – MTV

I’m probably forgetting a few ….

How about you? Who were your Celebrity Crushes?