Columbus … Not The One in Ohio.

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue …

I’m not here to start anything. I understand that Columbus Day is frowned upon. Whether you are for it, or against it, it makes no difference to me. All my life it was Columbus Day.

Columbus is kind of a big deal to Italians. I believe they still do a parade or two in his honor. St. Patrick was Italian, but March 17 is an Irish celebration. Columbus Day is really the only Italian holiday.

There are only two reasons I even am posting about Columbus today. The first is so I can post a song that has always been a favorite.

Lou Monte recorded many Italian songs and had a hit with Lazy Mary back in the day. As an Italian, he saluted Christopher Columbus in song. It is sort of a novelty song, but I always got a kick out of it.

The other reason is because since Columbus Day has become “taboo,” I’ve decided to celebrate a different holiday…

Just one more thing … Have a great day, no matter what you are celebrating!