What would you do?

If I were still doing radio full time, this would be a topic I’d talk about on the air. The radio guy in me still looks for those little things that happen around us and thinks of how you can use it on the air. We used to call these “phoners.” With a phoner, you have a situation or a story that you throw out to the listeners and ask them what they think about it. I guess it is almost like a poll. “What would you do?” kind of thing.

So here is my observation: two friends on Facebook this week were talking about how they were going through their pictures on Facebook and deleting photos that contained their exes. One was recently married and so she was deleting anything with an old boyfriend in them. Another was remarried and deleting pictures of his ex and former in laws.

As someone who went through a divorce and is now happily married, I completely understand how some of the pictures that come up in Facebook Memories can bring up bad memories. At the same time, you cannot deny that those events happened and that those people were a part of your life at that time. So what do you do? Do you go in and delete these photos completely? Do you just delete the ones of the people you want to forget?

When I was married to my ex, she made me get rid of my prom pictures (cause I ended up dating the gal I took for a while), and any pictures with a former girlfriend in it. As I have said in the past, I am who I am today because of the people and events of my past. I can’t change that. They are pictures of moments from the past. Does getting rid of them or deleting them matter?

I’m not on the radio anymore, so you’ll have to voice your opinion in the comment section here or on Facebook. What do you think? Delete or Keep?