Skinny Motivation

My last blog post was the my 666th post. Not sure I’m keen on that number, so here is a quickie blog. It’s more for me, than you.

189 pounds. That is what I was in the following picture:

I have a lot of weight to lose to get to that weight again. I’m probably a little lighter than that, because that ridiculous beeper/pager I am wearing is probably 3-4 pounds!!

I’m giving myself a little wiggle room. I’d be happy with 199 pounds. That is how much I weighed in this picture:

My brother captioned this picture – “Keith hideous tie” LOL

It’s weird because I think I look thinner in this picture, but I actually weigh a bit more than in the outdoors picture.

At any rate – I post these as a motivation to get back to that point! I can do it!

Sadly, there’s nothing I can do about my hair – that’s gone for good.