Just call me gullible

It is not odd for my wife to send me pictures of things she wants to buy. Among some of the things she has sent: the theme for the baby’s nursery, gift ideas for the boys, gift ideas for her, possible places to vacation, and things for the house. Just the other day, she was talking about going to Menard’s to look at some holiday decorations for the house, so it was not odd to get one of those pictures tonight.

The text message I get includes this picture with “This is super cute! I need this for the porch door!”

My response, “I like that.” Then I start thinking, “It’s a branch. I could probably go out and make one like that.” Then I see the price and think, “It must be off a pretty rare tree or something.”

She responds with: “So can I buy it??”

She does all the decorating. She knows what she likes. She also knows the finances. So I respond by telling her “If you want it, and we can afford it, go ahead.” Christmas is her favorite holiday and she loves to decorate, so why not, right?!

She then throws me for a loop and says, “You know…you weren’t supposed to agree with me….”

So now I start to freak. “OMG, I just told her I liked this. She must hate it and was being sarcastic. What a dope!”

My response to her: “Why? You don’t like it?”

She then lets me in on the joke: “No…it was a stupid Facebook prank thing and everyone else’s husband said funny things and you just agreed like a good husband.”

I then let her know I was actually thinking “I could just get a branch…” and she said, “That’s what everyone else said!”

Now I am feeling dumb! “God, I failed the husband test!” I told her.

She let’s me off the hook, though by saying, “No! You won the test. It means that no matter how ugly it is, you would let me do whatever to make me happy…..even spend $100 on a branch!”

I then shared this whole thing with the people I work with and we were all laughing at it.

My wife then made sure to tell me: “Just know this… I refuse to EVER spend $100 on a branch!”

This is just one of the many reasons I love her!!!

She was Lucy and I was gullible Charlie Brown ready to kick the football…..

Me: From A to Z


By far not the most original blog idea, but this stems from a daily writing prompt.  What is cool about something like this, is that I can probably return to this idea a few times and come up with some different answers.  The idea is to take all 26 letters of the alphabet and describe yourself with each one.  It shouldn’t take too long.  Why not do your own in the comments?  Here is Me … from A to Z:

A     Always early (“If you’re on time, you’re late!”

B     Blessed (with friends, family, and so many things)

C     Coffee drinker.  (Not sure how I’d make it through the day without it)

D     Daddy to Dante’, Dimitri, and Ella (I love them all so much!)

E     Emotional.  (I am probably too emotional.  I cry at sappy TV commercials!)

F     Friend.  (I have some of the greatest friends.  I treasure those friendships.)

G     Gaining weight. (About 25 pounds over the course of my wife’s pregnancy)

H     Happy. (I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.)

I     Italian.  (Proud of my Italian heritage.)

J     Jokes.  (I love hearing them.  I love telling them.)

K     Kind. (One of the greatest things we can be is kind to one another.)

L     Laughs a lot. (Laughter is important.  Life is better with laughter.)

M     Music lover. (“Where words fail, music speaks.” Music is SO important to me.)

N     Night Owl. (Yeah, I work midnights, but I have always been a night owl.)

O     Old Stuff. (Love old TV shows, old radio shows, old movies, etc…)

P     Procrastinator.  (One of my bad habits.  I tend to wait till the last minute to do things)

Q     Quotes.  (Might be a line from a TV show or movie, or a famous quote to apply to life)

R     Radio Personality. (The thing I wish I was still doing full time.)

S     Sam’s husband. (She has made me the happiest man alive.  She is my one true love)

T     Trumpet. (Wish I was still playing it in a band.)

U     Unique. (The easy answer, but it’s true.  We are ALL unique!)

V     Vague (Like this answer, for example)

W     Weird Al Yankovic.  (We’re both weird and I have all his albums.)

X     XOXO (I always kiss and hug those I love!)

Y     Young (Something I wish I was again!)

Z     Zoo (I love the Zoo.  Love going with my kids.  Favorite animal:  The Otter)