Christmas Cards

Does anyone send Christmas Cards anymore?

I remember growing up, we’d get 3-5 Christmas cards in the mail a day. I remember my mom stringing garland up on the wall and placing each card on the garland. My grandma had some homemade card holder that had yarn around a metal coffee can and you slipped the cards on. They always seemed to have all kinds of cards!

I know most people who send Christmas cards only send them to people who have sent them one. We have sent them in the past, but it was not in our budget to do this year. Maybe that is why we have received so few of them this year. We’ve only gotten a few of them.

Some people hate them, but I always enjoy the “family update” or “year in review” notes that come with Christmas cards. While I am connected to many folks on Facebook, you don’t always catch every life event that may have happened, so those “notes” are always something I look forward to. It is also a highlight to see family photos in Christmas cards (or as the card itself).

I also enjoy the various types of Christmas cards that we are sent. I think that sometimes, the cards people send reflect their personality. Some friends opt for the serious wishes, while others will send ones that are more religious. Others will send humorous cards with funny cartoons on them. Then there are those that really stand out. A great example of this is a card we received last year from a radio friend.

Anyone who’s ever seen a jukebox knows the labels seen above. I thought that this was such an awesome card! It was a perfect reflection of my friends – radio, music, and the holiday spirit all wrapped up into one! There is always a nice, personal message inside to the family, too.

Do you send Christmas cards?

We didn’t send Christmas cards this year, so please give this song by Doug Stone a listen and consider it my “card” to you…

Close your eyes and listen
Cause this is a Christmas card
And I wrote it all down in this poem
Cause I find writing letters hard

Close your eyes and listen
To the Christmas in your heart
Can you hear the angels sing their song?
Can you see the guiding star?

I may not be there with you
You are in my prayers
And I wish you all a world of peace
On this Christmas that we share

Close your eyes and remember
How the shepherds were like lambs
And how they followed that bright and holy star
On the road to Bethlehem

Hold the hand of a loved one
Cause this is Christmas too
And remember that this Is the greatest gift
That God could give to you


And I wish you all a world of love
On this Christmas that we share