I Could Write a Book – Using Her Words

In trying to find a picture to use for this blog, the above one came up in a Google search. I could see me and Sam filling up multiple volumes with just the things Ella says. Just within the past 2 weeks, there have been plenty of potential entries. Here are just a few:

Manger Stories

Ella loves Little People by Fisher Price. She has a ton of them. We recently received this manger scene as a gift. When you push the button on the top (where the angel is in the photo), it plays Away in a Manger and the star lights up.

Manger Story #1:

Ella keeps pushing the button and playing the music. I said to her, “You must really like that song. You are playing it a lot.”

She looked at me funny, looked back at the manger, back at me and simply said, “Daddy, I’m turning on the light for Jesus!”

Manger Story #2

You may recall that Sam’s sister, Grace, passed away recently. Ella and Grace were very close.

Ella was playing with the Little People from the manger set. So Sam placed the angel on the roof.

Ella: Mommy why you put the angel on the top?

Sam: So she can watch over everyone and keep them safe.

(There must have been some conversation about angels living in heaven.)

Ella: Angels live with Jesus? Like with Gracie?

Sam: They do.

Ella: Mommy, that means Gracie is an angel too! Oh mommy she has a beautiful crown! And beautiful wings!!

Sam posted this on Facebook with the story: “This girl melts my heart!

She sure does!!

Keeping the Peace

Sometimes, Ella makes me laugh so hard. A fine example happened a week or so ago.

Sam and I were in the kitchen talking while I was making dinner. Ella comes up the step into the kitchen from the living room and says loudly, “Just stay calm, everybody!”

Now, I could see if Sam and I were arguing or in a heated discussion about something, but we were literally just talking. This was so out of the blue and random! Both of us looked at each other and started laughing. We have no idea where she heard this from.

There was no indication that she had done anything wrong, or that she broke something, but we walked around the house anyway to make sure everything was ok!

Please Shut Your Mouth!

Remember how as a kid you would put your fingers in your ear when you didn’t want to listen to what someone was telling you? Ella has no issue just letting you know she’s done listening.

From my wife’s Facebook:

When I’m telling her something she doesn’t want to hear Ella’s new thing is to say “Please stop talking to me mommy!”

So tonight I decided to listen to her. I started talking to Andrew…

Me: Here Bubs, let’s get you some chocolate milk. What a bummer I can’t ask Ella if she wants any.

Ella: Oh, mommy, I want chocolate milk.

Me: Here Bubby. (Hands him chocolate milk in sippy cup)

Ella: Mommy! I said I want chocolate milk too!!

Me: Oh, I thought I wasn’t allowed to talk to you.

Ella: Mommy, I love you so much! You’re so special to me!

As my wife said in her post – We are in so much trouble with this one!

Jewish Italian?

One of Ella and Andrew’s favorite shows to watch on TV is Blue’s Clues and You. Sadly, it doesn’t come on as often as I’d like (Because they play Paw Patrol for HOURS at a time!). We set the DVR to record episodes and watch them whenever we want.

They have been running many holiday themed episodes of the show over the last week or so. One of the episodes (pictured above) is based on the neighbor’s celebration of Hanukkah. Sam and the kids were watching it tonight as I drove into work. Sam calls me to tell me about the following conversation:

Ella: Mommy, where is our menorah?

Sam: We don’t have one, baby.

Ella: Why not?

Sam: Because we are not Jewish.

Ella: Why not?

(Long Pause)

Sam: When Daddy gets home – ask him!

Maybe Josh and Blue can help me answer …

Ella, you are such an amazing little girl. We are so blessed to have you! Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our lives!

Thanksgiving 2022 Recap

The holiday weekend is winding down and I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was a good day filled with great food and family.

The day started with a quick game of hide and seek.

We watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The kids loved seeing Josh from Blue’s Clues and Bluey in the parade!

After breakfast, we prepared the deviled eggs to bring. Sam said she didn’t have paprika. She chuckled when I told her I never liked when my mom put it on the deviled eggs! Then we all started to get ready to go to Sam’s mom’s for dinner.

The loss of my sister-in-law, Grace, is still very fresh. It helped to have family together. There was a lot of love and great conversation throughout the day.

We had an amazing dinner, prepared by my mother-in-law: turkey, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and so much more. There was no shortage of desserts either!

The Detroit Lions actually gave us a good game to watch, despite losing in the last 23 seconds. It would have been nice to see them win their fourth in a row.

I got to finally meet my newest niece, Arabella. She is a little cutie! She’s only a few months old, but she’s almost as big as Andrew!

I dropped the ball this year and didn’t really take many pictures. My sister in law snapped a candid of the family as we were leaving which I just love.

I love it because it is typical chaos. It looks like Sam is asking me something and I am oblivious. Ella is waving and Andrew is like, “can we just go home now?”

We came home and relaxed the rest of the night, just enjoying family time.

As I turned off the lights and headed off to bed, I reflected again o just how thankful I am for my wonderful family.

The Mittens That United a Nation

Who would have thought that a simple pair of mittens would have brought so much joy … and unity … to a nation?!

A photo of Bernie Sanders wearing mittens at the Presidential Inauguration has gone viral. In case you haven’t seen the original … here it is….

Thanks to creative people … and Photoshop … Bernie has brought the nation together in laughter. He has become the hottest meme on the internet. Social media has been flooded with pictures of Bernie is movies, TV shows, and awkward places….

So I had to share some of my favorites!

Bernie ad-libbing on Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?
Bernie Sanders is Mr. Frederickson in Pixar’s Up!
Bernie sits in on a staff meeting on The Office
Bob Ross – creator of “happy little mittens”
Bernie just figured out Blue’s Clues!
Now, whenever I read Goodnight Moon to my daughter … I will think of this!
Talk about being in an awkward position!
Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi … you’re my only hope!
I would totally buy this album for Bernie’s Rhymes!
Bernie and Baby Yoda may be the cutest thing on the internet.
Obviously ready to heckle Fozzie or Kermit
Bernie is a bit ticked that his $1 bid did not get him on stage.
The Sorting Hat must decide whether Bernie goes to Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin.
Ready to ROCK!!

Thank you, Bernie for uniting a nation with laughter!

Feel free to share your favorites ….