Honey? Does this outfit match?

If this isn’t an unwritten rule, it should be: Kids outfits should be placed in dresser drawers already matched! This blog stems from a conversation I had with my wife before work today.

I have never been the greatest at matching clothes for kids. I admit it. I can bet you money that you will almost always know when I dress my children. I ALWAYS pick the outfits that go together. I remember Dante’ had an outfit that had running pants, a jersey, and a jacket that all went together. He wore that a lot when he was a toddler – because I knew it matched! Dimitri had a similar outfits that I always put him in. Nice and easy – dad can’t mess those up!

Ella was wearing a new outfit, and I commented on how cute it was and how cute she looked in it:

Sam said that it really wasn’t an “outfit.” In other words, the shirt and pants were not bought together as a set. She then went on to explain that I could match that top with the green pants she has on or the yellow, pink, or white pants which are in her drawer. I must have stared at her dumbfounded for a minute because she then made mention that she noticed that I tend to put her in outfits that are already matched.

Well, she is right! That’s what I do! If the matched outfits are all in the wash, I find a shirt and put her in a pair of jeans. Every thing goes with blue jeans, right!? How can I mess that up?

In preparation for writing this blog I Googled “How to match outfits.” Do you wanna know what came up? This:

What in blazes is that!? What do the triangles or that “Star of David” in the middle of it mean?! I clicked on the link for this image and it only complicated matters with a more detailed … and more confusing chart:

Is there any man who can make sense of that?! And those are just colors! I don’t even want to think about matching stripes with polka dots or any other kind of pattern!!

I can only hope that Sam keeps putting clothes away in “paired outfits.” The day this stops I know I will be at a park with her, or out in public and other moms are going to look at her and think “Oh, yeah….her dad dressed her today!”

You can be sure that when Ella starts going to school – outfits will be laid out in advance … just in case … to prevent any fashion faux pas that dad may cause!!

Not my daughter, but probably an outfit I’d dress her in if I couldn’t find a matching outfit in her dresser!